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Significance of iBeacon Technology in Retail Industry

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Significance of iBeacon Technology in Retail Industry

iBeacon technology ensures a reliable and secure experience for customers. Developed by the Apple Technology, this platform provides endless opportunities for retail businesses and help them in establishing a quick connection between iOS users and iBeacon hardware.

By Vikas

Introduced by Apple, iBeacon technology has become a great boon for the retail industry. iBeacon is a small electronic device, supported by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It can be used effectively by the sellers to target their potential customers. It manages the data and establishes a quick connection with the iOS users as they enter the radius of Beacon.

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The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transfers the connection signals to myriad iOS devices, for instance, iPhone & iPad and also receives message & signals from there. iBeacon plays a significant role in increasing the ROI of events and retail stores as well as help in bridging the huge gap between the online and the physical retail stores.

Lucrative advantages of iBeacon in Retail Industry

Undeniably, iBeacon plays a vital role in revolutionizing the conversion rate of the retail industry.

1. Superb Tool to Build a Huge Customer Base: One of the finest solution that empowers a retailer to connect with the customers in a real time. The customers receive the notification of latest offers and products upon entering the store and this way they greet their prospective customers in a more impressive way.

2. Demonstrate Business Products Effectively: Now business owners can promote their business products in a unique manner. They can share the product video easily with the nearby people using iBeacon app. The iBeacon technology shows the required video to the potential customers actively and helps them to explore the product details thoroughly.

3. Interior Mapping Facility for Large Stores: A plethora of products are available in the supermarket. It is observed that various customers are unable to find the required products inside the supermarket and find it cumbersome task. But, with the introduction of iBeacon device, customers can find out a specific product easily.

4. It Provides More Attention to Personalized Factors: Beacon plays a pivotal role in boosting your brand by focusing more on the personalized factors. It helps businesses in sending discount offers, coupon codes or product recommendations, Moreover, it helps customers to find an appropriate product for them with no time.

iBeacon opens a new world of opportunities and help the businesses to target their potential customers easily. iBeacon App Development Company, SynapseIndia has a brilliant approach to provide custom-made services.


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Author: Vikas

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