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Top 7 Practices to Secure Your Magento Store

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Top 7 Practices to Secure Your Magento Store

Hiring the services of Magento eCommerce Development Company is really a good choice as they have years of expertise in this arena. They offer state-of-the-art services as well as secure your site from all sort of security threats.

By Geeta

Magento is a business-centric eCommerce platform, used by innumerable fortune brands such as Huawei, Mara Hoffman, Ford, Lenovo, etc. The recognition and acceptance of this feature rich platform are increasing rapidly with every passing day. As Magento powered websites deal with sensitive credentials of customers globally, it becomes more favourite platform among the Internet hackers. If you have your own online store, then shielding your existing customer’s data is necessary as it impacts directly to your brand reputation.

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Some efficacious tips to safeguard your Magento site:

1. Only use the updated version of Magento: If your online store is running on the outdated version of Magento platform, then your store is in dangerous zone and exposed to various online security threats like credit card data theft, SQL injection, spamming and much more. In order to secure your site from these painful security threats, you need to hire the Magento eCommerce Development Company and update your running store to the latest versions of Magento.

2. Create Complicated Admin Name and Password: Usually, most of the merchants create simple login credentials for their online stores and use the common username and easy password for their eCommerce admin panels. This offers a great opportunity for the website hackers who look for the personal credentials of customers for gaining financial benefits. So, if you are running a Magento store, then you should use only complicated user's name and tricky password (Combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters) so that hackers can’t imagine them easily. Additionally, you must update your site’s admin name as well as password regularly to keep your website secure.

3. Use Only Encrypted Connection (HTTPS/SSL): When you run an online store and use the sensitive credentials of store users' through your platform, you should use only an encrypted connection. The main feature of SSL connection is to encrypt all the communication and transactions between the Internet browser and the back-end server. It ensures that all data communication through a secure connection.

An encrypted communication on your site has the ability to earn your client’s trust which is must important for the sure success of any sort of businesses. You can enable a secure HTTPS/SSL URL comfortably on your Magento store just by clicking on the tab “Use Secure URLs” listed inside the system configuration menu.

4. Use the latest Antivirus: These days security breaches are increasing intensively. You might have faced multiple online security issues such as trojan, malware, spyware and much more on your internet accessing hardware when you browse various websites. This could harm your PC/laptop, connected networks, and online transactions too. You must install the best & latest antivirus on your PC/laptop and constantly update it in order to avoid all security threats.

5. Never use The Same Email for All E-accounts: Normally, eCommerce merchants use the same Email address for multiple accounts on the Internet and therefore, their email details becomes known to all, allowing the internet hackers to hijack it easily and get some financial benefits. So, use different emails for different email accounts and always keep them confidential.

6. Backup Your Store’s Data Regularly: Several online store merchants made a blunder by not creating a backup server for their website’s data. It becomes a great reason to lose huge database and financial damage when their site’s blocked due to a hacking, computer catastrophes, wrong updates, etc. But, if you will create a backup server for your store, then it will be really easier for you to restore your site instantly using backup data.

7. Fixed IP Addresses to access Your Site’s Admin Panel: If your store is assisted by a team of eCommerce experts, you should make your website’s more secured by restricted login attempts from other IP addresses.


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Author: Geeta

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