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Where does India Stand in Developing Custom Mobile Application?

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Where does India Stand in Developing Custom Mobile Application?

The mobile app market in India is booming day-by-day with plenty of free, paid apps coming fresh into the scene. Soaring Smartphones sales in India is a major reason behind this boost. Consequently, its being expected that Indian mobile app market will attain $626 million figures quite easily two years from now.

By Jitendra

Smartphones are indeed the hottest trend in the current global industry; its all about new phones with appealing models & functionality coming up to meet the demands of people going crazy for these futuristic devices. In the past few years, the number of mobile phone users has gone up by large numbers.

Mobile users in India employ their devices to perform internet based searches, look for product information, make purchase besides doing a lot more by leveraging the power of mobile apps. Following image shows the increasing number of mobile users in India; it also gives a fair idea of how important internet based mobile apps have become for users.

custom mobile application development services

It consequently calls for leveraging the most of the mobile platform by using apps. A number of custom mobile application development services providers in India are on their toes to cater to the increasing demand in this domain. App development for Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Windows 8 has gained prominence and so has the demand for qualified mobile app developers.

How is  India Touched with the Mobile App Wave...

As per the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), the Indian app economy has a total worth of $150 million at present. With the increasing Smartphones sales, India's mobile app market is expected to attain $626 million figures by the end of 2016, which would be much higher than previous years. Industry experts unite on the view of India's app economy having tremendous potential to prosper in the coming time. Take a look at the projected revenues for paid apps in India.

Projected revenues for paid apps

Increasing Smartphones sales is a major reason behind the soaring demand of mobile apps. Users know that apps can transform their Smartphone into an incredibly useful device for facilitating improvements in processes and making life easier; hence they go for it. At the enterprise level, apps are serving as the medium to reduce costs, simplify operational processes besides optimizing productivity levels.

Several factors contribute to this upsurge of custom app development in India; proficient developers, multiple connections, a service delivery deficit being some of the most prominent ones. Lets consider the scene for Indian developers; there are more than 3 lakh developers working in India. However, a large number of these developers are creating apps for the global market as clients across the world consider India as a preferred site for cost-efficient, quality mobile app development.


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