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Why Responsive Web Design is Important to Consider When Designing a Website

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Why Responsive Web Design is Important to Consider When Designing a Website

The responsive web designing phenomenon have taken the web space on storm. And thus discussing its importance in the recent times has become all the more important.

By Vikas

Responsive web- the set standard in web design today

Flash has ruled the web designing scene for probably too long. While older designs used to be cumbersome, they also didn’t help the business’ cause to the desired extent either.

From being negative in terms of SEO to sluggish user experience, the complaint list for this medium has been quite a bit longer. The advent of HTML and CSS though, has made major improvements- especially in the user experience factor.

The core aesthetics of responsive web design is to provide the optimal viewing experience. For long web users have been complaining about the imbalance of viewing web content across different mediums. Responsive web has leveled the playing field for the various viewing mediums- desktop, tablet, Smartphones, etc. What it has effectively done is creating a uniform viewing experience. The fluid designing provides pixel independence to the viewers.

Desktop vs. Mobile internet users

The major reason that responsive design is held is such high regard is the shifting parameter of internet usage.

A major group of web users is finding mobile platforms easier to surf the web. By the year 2012, the usage of desktop and mobile were neck in neck in terms of internet access. Both the mediums clocked a user base of around 1.6 billion by 2012. The projection from industry insiders is though startling to say the least. By 2015, the number of mobile users is set to topple that of desktops. It is set to reach 2billion, while the desktop usage is predicted to stick to the 1.7 billion mark.

It is imperative to say that the increased usage of mobile devices is playing a major role in the online strategy of business. Providing the best interactivity is vital for businesses and that is effectively done by the new breed of responsive design. Statistics show that businesses are stressing more on their mobile optimization spends in recent years and that is partly due to the fact that their conversion ratio is also better for mobile devices.

Why mobile optimized sites are performing better in India

Mobile optimized sites are nothing but websites which are built using responsive psychology. Instead of having different versions of the same website, one ‘unified’ design does the job just fine. Responsive websites make the right impression.  Responsive web Design Company in India is a growing breed of experts for this very reason.

India has a mobile user population of over 904 million with 78.7 million mobile internet users. This undoubtedly is a massive market to tap into. Industry players are vouching for the fact that online conversions will be at an all-time high in the 2013-14 year and that reflected already. A major portion of the conversions is predicted to be from mobile devices- hence responsive web is evitable!

The use of responsive web to augment SEO viability of a website is also observed. Many bands and firms have transferred their old websites to the new responsive, friendly websites for the very reason of garnering mobile audience in real time scenario.


Mobile optimized sites

Desktop vs Mobile Internet Users

Author: Vikas

The author has produced & edited several articles and related informative material for a range of genres including web design & development, software development, Internet marketing etc.  He likes to create informative content to educate readers regarding the current tech trends while remaining engaged in a host of online promotional activities for his organization.