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14th Sep 2018

VB.NET development company, SynapseIndia taps the full potential of VB.NET to develop the most advanced and secure websites, web applications, desktop applications and Windows mobile apps. We have delivered 500+ projects to a strong base of clientele in USA and other countries across almost every business category, i.e. health, media, travel, fashion, retail, etc. Why choose VB.NET technology for your project? VB.NET is one of the most dependable, powerful and secure programming languages in the software world. Developed by Microsoft in 2002, this object-oriented language is relied upon by millions of SMEs, ....

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Path-breaking Features of Drupal For Developing Powerful CMS

29th Sep 2017

Drupal, a world accepted open source CMS, offers top-notch performance, superb content authoring, and high-end security. These extraordinary features have grabbed the attention of market leaders. Drupal CMS is loaded with exceptional modules and geared with various powerful extensions to provide a world-class solution: It is highly optimized for search engines Drupal is highly optimized for search engines. It plays a turnkey role in its overall success and therefore it becomes the first choice for an enterprise-level solution. Drupal is equipped with all those features and functionality that enable business owners to ....

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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business

09th Sep 2015

Cloud computing is the practice of utilizing a network of computers hosted on the internet for your regular computing needs, including electronic mail, data storage and many more tasks. Cloud computing has various points of interest over traditional computing system; although it has some shortcomings, but it offers reliable services for each business. Let's have a look some benefits of cloud computing services offered by Custom Software Developers India and understand how it is useful for you and your business: Reduced IT Cost – The main point of interest in cloud computing ....

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How Prestashop Analytics can help in Boosting Earnings for eMerchants?

29th Jul 2014

The initial months of this year saw $9.3 million fundraising by PrestaShop and this helped it pave the path of 1.6 version release. Like always, PrestaShop has kept it simple by prioritizing the demand of the customers. But, in this case, a fresh Analytics and insights segment has been added for eMerchants. This is for offering the 600,000 member strong community with data that will help them in shaping the business better. From business intelligence to predictive & general report, everything has found their place inside this fresh version. Bruno Leveque, ....

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How Custom Design and Development can Help your Social Networking Website

21th Jun 2014

The Excitement in being ‘social’ Human being is a social animal, at least that’s what we all believe in our entity! The popularity of social networks dos reflect that part inside each one of us according to many.  We have seen Orkut, tried MySpace, using facebook and twitter, what else should we expect? The journey never stops and so does not in the case of social network site development. The future is expected to be more interconnected as now most of the users are making their presence felt on the go. ....

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Putting Contract management in place with a Custom Salesforce Panel

01th Mar 2014

The aspect of business contract management has been the key behind shaping the success and growth of several businesses. Regardless of organization stature every individual in the business domain seeks to stay connected with their contacts, loyal customers and potential customers. This is done so as to keep the list growing and to turn potential customers into real-time clients.  But the truth is all these are not PR gimmick and one needs technical support for monitoring marketing data. These statistics plays a pivotal role in the business decision making process ....

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