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Development of iOS App -
Airline Pilot

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Development of iOS App - Airline Pilot

Client Brief:

The client wanted us to develop an iPhone and iPad app with a supporting admin panel for airline professionals. The client expected us to develop an application in both free and paid versions.

Our Endeavor:

We have developed the application keeping in the mind that it is a reading application and thus we needed to provide an awesome textual representation of the data on the iPhone. Our professionals used the core text framework which rendered the text in a formatted way.
While developing the app, the main challenge we faced was how to contrive the admin panel to create the text so that same can be transmitted into iOS formatted text. Therefore, we decided to use the HTML to Core text conversion using the encoding techniques so that general paragraph editing tool can be supported into the iOS representation. With intense R&D and the dedication for excellence, we finally achieved everything that was required for the app.


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