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Website Provides Health Care Services

Client Brief:

The client asked us to change the health care service category structure in the front end and back end on his existing website "Carerate". Carerate is a business directory. It provides quality health service. The service categories which we were ought to change include "In home care", "Adult day care", "Alzheimer / Dementia Care", "Home Health Medicare Certified" etc. The client wanted us to implement functionalities so that the users can browse/search these categories. The search results will display the list of service category and the name of the company can provide this service category. The website needed to allow users to rate a service and can compare two or multiple services.

Our Endeavor:

Following the requirement of the client, we have integrated the functionality to change the health care service category structure on the front end and on the backend in his website - "Carerate". We have used core functionality of Joomla and JReviews component structure for this task. On backend we have integrated the functionality, so that the admin of the site can be able to assign the health care service categories under three main categories naming: "Independent", "Moderately dependent" and "Highly dependent"). We have also made sure that one sub-category may have been attached with multiple main categories. In the front end, the main categories will be displayed in one row and the sub-categories will be displayed under its main category in a column. Any sub-category which has two main-categories will be displayed between its two main categories.




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Client Comments:


  •  Website Provides Health Care Services