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Client Brief:

The proposed site to be made was for uploading images captured by client through mobile phone cameras to the website for public viewing. The client also wanted a functionality whereby captured images could be sent through their mobile phones and mails could be automatically extracted and displayed on the site. Various other features such as Blog and Ajax were also to be implemented on the site.

Our Endeavor:

With the client's requirement as an objective, we developed an appealing design for the website and incorporated some unique functionality, quite different form the normal sites for uploading images. The site was developed in .Net 2.0 and backend was MSSQL 2005. Moreover, we developed a particular feature whereby the system could check in for incoming mail every three minutes and extract images sent from registered members on the site. Blogging feature had also been developed for posting comments on the images posted by the members. Facility for rating the images had also been provided.

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