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Collaborative Tool for MS Outlook

Client Brief:

The client approached us with a requirement of developing a software to share MS Outlook Calendars.

Our Endeavor:

This US based client wanted us to develop a software product that would allow users to share MS Outlook Calenders without Exchange Server. he wanted us to develop the software that would include facilities ;like Public Contacts, Calendars, Notes Tasks, Group calendars etc. In broader terms, the client wanted the product to mirror the functionality of SDMD's Public Outlook.

We have developed the proposed product from scratch using Visual C#. The main features which made the product very powerful is .NET Remoting based server leveraging the power of Client Server implementation & Automatic Synchronization with specified time interval. This server also provides the admin the users and their respective rights. Client add-ins are developed using Outlook Com Interop which connects directly to .NET Remoting based server using Configured Port.


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