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ecourse Box - A Website for Online Courses

Client Brief:

The client required to address some issues on his existing site and wanted us to implement some new features in it.

Our Endeavor: is an online course library which aims to provide colleges, universities and companies a platform to showcase their various courses and which would help them in reaching out to the prospective students, aspirants and professionals. When the client came to us, there were a few issues on the website. We have rectified the existing issues in the site and developed the new section for paid and free course. Free course are available on YouTube, while the paid courses are to be uploaded by instructors as presentation videos on the site. We have developed a new section called “Lectures” where instructors can add multiple lectures for various courses under various categories. Further, we also have integrated the login/registration feature via Facebook and modified the layout of the homepage as well as for the course page.




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