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Migrating MS-Access to
.Net Windows Application

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Migrating MS-Access to .Net Windows Application

Client Brief:

The client serves insurance domain and is associated with Instar Client. He used to work in with a FedEx websirvice, but according to a recent development, the Fedex shipping stopped the XML API's support from 31st May 2012. So, the client wanted tomigrate fromMS.Access to .Net windows application.

Our Endeavor:

MS-Access is having data storage and user access limitation in shared mode. This a windows application so there is no specific designing involved. We have used Microsoft .Net 4.0 technology with C# in the frontend and SQL server 2008 in the backend. We put our best efforts in understanding the existing application which is developed in MS-Access.  Client is dealing with huge data so query optimization and performance tuning were important in this project. We have successfully completed the development process of this application. Next we have converted the existing MS-Access application in .Net and thus completed the task with ease and comfort.


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