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Florbooks - A Florist's Website

Client Brief:

The client came to us with his existing site and wanted us to do some enhancements on it. He wanted us to build few pages for it and do some changes on the existing ones.

Our Endeavor: is an online portal that projects client's business. This website is showing a number of options for the client's target group of his business. This is also an online store, users can go through the products and can order the one that lures them the most. We have designed and developed a page where he can display the thumbnails of his products. Clicking on the thumbnails, users get redirected to the detail page of the product. They can even share the product on their social networking home pages – we have embedded this feature.

We have implemented a wall functionality wherein users can see the photo gallery and like/dislike the posted images. These counts decide the popularity of the respective gallery. We have implemented a script which automatically shifts the most popular gallery page to the Best Gallery section of the website. We have also integrated Facebook comment system in the website to enable users to share images and comments on Facebook. For the admin section we have implemented the right to enable or disable gallery.




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