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iPod touch temp monitor layout

Client Brief:

Client approached us with a requirement of developing a complex application for iPod touch. The application was meant to support hardware which is used for measuring temperature and humidity of any environment. Further, the client also wanted functionalities, so that the application can draw the graph of temperature and humidity measured in a certain point of time. An alarm feature got to be implemented as well for minimum and maximum temperature.

Our Endeavor:

To start with the work, we needed to have the hardware protocol. After getting that from client, we have integrated the same in the application. We have used the external accessory framework and enabled the application to draw the graph using the quartz core framework. Further, we have also added various functionalities to allow the application to draw a graph between the time and temperature along with humidity and time. As per the project requirement, we have also implemented some functionality so that it can show an alarm whenever the temperature goes below than the upper and lower limit. All the relative controls are visible on the "setting" panel.


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  •  iPod touch temp monitor layout