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Aventura Chat Application

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Aventura Chat Application

Client Brief:

Chat Messenger system using multi-client architecture

Our Endeavor:

We have developed a system where registered user will be able to participate in chat sessions with multiple users at one time. Users using the application can set the message to be broadcasted, initiate a conference with a selected group of user. Chat user can send emails, create a group and invite others to join a group. Users can register through the website panel. Following are the functionalities of the chat application:

1) User can Login into Chat Application

2) Chat user can chat multi user chat on same time.

3) Chat user can select the window for chat either Separate window or Tab window.
4) Chat user can Add a group, Join a group.

5) Chat User can move different group into the tree group hierarchy.

6) Chat user can rename or delete a name.

7) Chat user can broadcast the message to selected group. Online user can get the instant broadcast message and offline user will receive the message through SMS.

8) Chat User can transfer the file over chat window.

9) Chat user can set the conference to selected groups online users.

10) Chat user can join the group.

11) Chat user can create a group using the website panel, accept the join request, and select the category for the user.

12) User can register through the website panel. WCF service is being used to transmit the data between Chat clients.


Microsoft Dot Net
C Sharp


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