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Reagent Search Classified Ads

Client Brief:

Error Fixing project is basically a web application and need some errors fixed and small updates performed to site that has already been built in .Net and VB. Note that there are no .dll files (compilation) to be used in this project. List of fixes included in attachment. Core site already built, just need small fixes. Project spans several domains and two databases, therefore will include alterations to two redundant databases for any database changes to be made. Fixes to be made on already hosted domains and installed databases.With this site user can post your classified ad without cost and browse wanted adds and also send message for that classified adds.The site have search module in this section user can search with some criteria .e.g - location wise,category wise, price wise,distance wise etc.

Our Endeavor:

Keeping the requirement of the client in mind we have successfully fixed all errors on the project. The client was fully satisfied.


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