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Payment Gateway Modification

Client Brief:

The client contacted us to develop an online payment tool to be used on his website. The tool needed to accept payment credentials from users and show the payment status.

Our Endeavor:

Client approached us to create an online payment utility to be used somewhere in his website. This was initially developed in Java and PHP, and this time the client wanted us to develop it in .NET. Along with .NET we have used C# as well. Apart from language conversion, our approach was to do security implementation on payment call. And for that we have used the MD5 mechanism.

The system ask for payment details like Visa or MasterCard along with the card number, expiry date, CVV number, name on the card and country. When all the details get entered and authenticated, a page opens up to accept the payment. In case the given credentials don’t match, payments gets declined and a message pops up.


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