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Proof of Concept App

Client Brief:

The client approached us with a requirement of developing an Android phone application which will identify a predefined SMS/text message that has been received in the native inbox and will accordingly be able to respond to it via SMS only.

Our Endeavor:

This is a prototype application for Android devices. At landing screen, the app displays pre-saved data, which can be edited by the users. The application reads a pre-defined SMS from a particular number. When the SMS comes, the application then checks the sender's number as well as the SMS body. If both - numbers as well as the body matches, the application will display a dialog along with pre-saved information. If users press the “Yes” button, then the app asks for PIN number which has to be defined earlier. If the PIN number matches, the app opens the device's SMS with the information/reply auto-filled and users need to simply press the send button available on the application, and then the app will send the SMS to the sender.




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