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Best Practices of Software Development Process

Software Development Process Software development is not a cakewalk. More than 80% of software development projects are failures due to over budgeting, delaying in deployment, and utilizing traditional practices in code development. Latest technologies and the competitive tools in the software development environment are the success mantra of software development endeavour. To develop a competitive software that best meet with your business requirement and needs, it is recommended for everyone to prepare the checklist for customized software development in advance.

Mobile App Marketing in 2016 Best Practices

Mobile App Marketing How can you make your mobile app unique and demanding? Worldwide famous, Apple and Google App stores, both have tones of mobile apps that are in huge demand. So, ensuring your mobile app is also receiving a great attention among myriad of apps is quite competitive. Consider, how to receive a good media attention? Of course, users' can download thousands of apps in their mobile devices? There’s a lot of competition in this crowding space. It isn’t a cakewalk for anyone to rule in the mobile app marketing.

5 Mistakes to Avoid while Developing eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website Developing an eCommerce site is quite easier with the power of eCommerce platforms. But, the real achievement is to make it demanding across the sphere without the costs of mailings and cold calls. Online store business has ability to serve their services without a boundary, and make countless customers'. When you will explore the internet, there are numbers of registered eCommerce websites, in which some of them achieve good ranking on major search engines and becomes 100 dollar companies while the rest of them still fighting to find a place on the top of search engine results.

Why eCommerce Platforms Rule the Online Business

eCommerce Platforms Digital era introduced with innumerable tools and technologies. Adoption of advanced services and facilities are the needs of our nitty gritty life because it helps us to save our precious time. Gone are the days when people have more time for traditional shopping, and now they are more comfortable in online shopping. The holistic approach of open source platforms offers the ultimate benefits for the online shoppers as well as store owners. Open source standalone solutions often have large communities of professionals, and software partners to assist new online merchants. Each platform of eCommerce has its own benefits.

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