Amazon Zocalo : New Enterprise file Sharing & Storage Solution on iPad»

Although there are a number of file sharing & storage solutions available these days, it's not easy to rely on just each of these solutions as there are security related risks involved. However, when its about optimum security, there can't be a match for Amazon's Zocalo. Designed for enterprise use, Amazon's Zocalo offers secured document storage & sharing to users. Surprisingly, the news for Zocalo's launch came at the time when Dropbox made the announcement for increased storage and lowered pricing. Amazon's Cloud Storage Solutions : Competitors & Pricing Zocalo specifically aims .... Read More

How to Manage your eCommerce Magento Catalogue Display»

Advantages of Magento as an eCommerce platforms is not hidden from any developer. Create products and categories of your business, import & export your catalog data and set up cross-sells, up-sells, and related products.   The flexibility of the catalog system provides various options for the display of item and the import or export could even happen in batch updates offline.   Some important offerings from the Catalog management system of Magento are as: Private Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions - Feature available to Enterprise Edition only Inventory Management .... Read More

After Facebook, Twitter also Gear up for BUY BUTTON»

After Facebook, Twitter is also all set to test its “Buy Button” in tweets. But the facility is not available for the complete twittering world as of now, only a certain population of the US can take the advantage. iOS and Android users can see those buttons in their apps. Even Twitter announced that by participating in this “Buy Button” testing spree,  users will get offers and merchandise that are not available elsewhere. Twitter handles of Burberry, DonorsChoose etc. were among the accounts that have the tweets featuring a buy button .... Read More

IPhone 6 Launch - What's your Expectations ?»

A lot is speculated about the new Apple gadget that is about to launch on 9th September 2014. More than 2500 invitations sent across the globe for the Flint Centre in Cupertino, CA . The company CEO Tim Cook must have planned some surprises in terms of their new iPhone, iPad and iOS8. Features that might target flexibility and user interaction with Apple's desktop and laptop computers. Taking a dip from most of the journal guesstimates, iPhone users are excited with the rumors. Will it have a wearable device segment, an un-scratchable .... Read More

Comparison of eCommerce Platforms : Prestashop vs Magento vs OpenCart»

As technology is taking leap jump progress in field of marketing and sales, the scope of online business stores has increased many folds. eCommerce is becoming a new giant in field of retail business. Every retailer wants to build their own e-store to cater most of the online audience and build a better brand visibility.   This infographics shows some of the mostly used eCommerce platforms in present days of e-retail.  Based on features and scope to compromise with the content on your website, Magento eCommerce platform do serve the results in most .... Read More

From Trains to Tweets : 171 Years of Technology in Travel Industry»

  From the time when technology met travel industry till today, a lot has changed over this 171 years of handshake. New methods of ticket booking, en-route compass, automatic engines for better time effectiveness and a lot more to mention.   This infographic depicts a timeline of the travel industry from the steam engine to foursquare hotel checkin, we tried to collect all the major developments and changes brought in travelling. It will not be a hyperbola, if we say that technology is helping the travel industry sell more and improve the customer experience .... Read More

5 Simple Steps for Reducing Abandonment of Shopping Cart Experience»

Merely drawing buyers to your e-commerce site is not enough as their is quite less possibility that a visitor to your site will make a purchase. Its not a mandate that the visitor proceeds to checkout after adding products from your store to his/her shopping cart. There are a few tips that you can follow to decrease your online store's shopping cart abandonment rate and maximize your revenue. Following are the tips/steps mentioned in detail 1. Make Shipping Prices Visible Upfront : High shipping fees has been found as one of the .... Read More

Journey of TempleOS: A Learning Tool for Programming Projects»

Under usual conditions, programmers these days are not much bothered about building a complete operating system from start. It indicates that most programmers are quite capable of building an OS, provided they get ample time to do so. Linus Torvalds wrote the Linux Kernel as a hobby over the time period of several months in the year 1991. Another similar creation relates with the development of the new & stable OS known as TempleOS. The journey of TempleOS got the start in the year 1993 as a programmer's hobby. After going .... Read More

7 Preventive Measures for Eliminating Security Risks in WordPress»

Widely deployed around the world, the open-source CMS WordPress empowers some of the most famous sites on the Internet. It can be said that this sheer popularity of WordPress has made it a prime target for attackers. Depending on the method used in deploying WordPress, users need to take relevant steps to secure their WordPress based sites.  Different Scenarios Related to WordPress Security Risks Users have the full leverage to directly set up as well as host a website by using the WordPress service. In such scenario, takes care of maximum .... Read More

PhoneGap : A Swiss Army Knife for Mobile App Development»

  PhoneGap being a free and opensource framework for mobile application development, allows developers to create mobile apps using web APIs adhering to the standards of the platforms. Certainly, PhoneGap is a swiss army knife for mobile app developments with features of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascripts built-in to provide a multitude dimension of mobile app creation with ease.   Even the PhoneGap Build service does the work for you by compiling apps in the cloud.

Facebook Tests Buy Button : A Boon for eMerchants»

Facebook tests it “Buy Button” allowing businesses engaged in eCommerce to publish page posts or ads, letting people purchase stuffs from the merchant without leaving Facebook. The feature is still very much "beta" and was implemented for a handful of small and medium sized business in US. Retail and wholesale marketers can specifically brew advantages from this feature as it will make the task of luring their target group as well as pushing them buy their product or service an easy breather. Brian Michael Murch, vice president of engagement at Relevvant, .... Read More

How Google is working on making Life easier through Android Wear»

Most of us believe that the Smartphone age has just begun and we have much more to see. But, the future is already here with Wearable gadgets from the house of reputed names like Apple and Google. On March 2014, Google announced the arrival of Android Wear without much of a promotion. They just said that the basic ones at the time of launching will just see the extension of Smartphone OS to Smartwatches. This tells somehow that we all are up for a great technological treat. Major phone manufacturing companies .... Read More

Top 5 Security Plugins to Enhance WordPress Blog Protection»

The Plugin Episode and the Path Ahead WordPress being the most popular CMS option of all times has a user base that can make anyone envious. But, with wide reach comes wider monitoring needs too. People who make use of WordPress the most are bloggers who are non-technical persons. For any of their need, extensions are there, but are all of those trustworthy? It’s a known fact that 30% of WordPress plugins are developed by third parties. Most of the times, people tend to go ahead with an extension provided by .... Read More

7 Secrets of Boosting User Experience on Amazon Webstore»

If you are associated with the e-commerce industry, you must have considered Amazon as a platform for showcasing your products. Being a giant of the web’s e-commerce space, there are tons of benefits that come with Amazon. Over the years, the platform has acted as a marketplace for millions showcasing their products in their store and has given the initial push to many renowned brands. People have made use of the loyal visitor base of Amazon while launching their e-commerce business. But, various small and medium business owners who are ardent .... Read More

SharePoint Mobile Solutions: Is it really Boon for an Enterprise in keeping its Business on the go?»

Gartner predicated that by the year 2016, 40% of the workforce from all over the world will be using mobile devices for any kind of productivity. This has led to the need of finding effective ways through which the empowerment and security can be taken care of while operating in mobile platforms. The IT administrator of an organization is actually responsible for the security of organizational data and data transfer. Most of the global firms have been keeping their faith on SharePoint. Thus, something has to come for the mobile platform .... Read More

Why Microsoft Wants to Migrate ASP.NET websites to Microsoft Azure?»

The new Microsoft Azure is here and is much more promising than all its counterparts. In the launching event, some of the facts shared have been really precise about the core power of this product from the house of Microsoft. 57% of fortune 500 companies are using it. There are more than 250k websites in the web right now that are using it. There are more than 1,000,000 SQL databases running in Azure with 20 million storage objects and 2 million requests coming per second. In addition to all these, there .... Read More

How Javascript is Scripting the Future of Software Development»

A website is build over scripts using a language, but without any life in it, no one fancies it. Javascript is the language which turns a site interactive and gives it life in the real sense. In the initial days, not much importance was given to Javascript by developers as it was more associated with creating user experience and in no way was similar to other scripting languages like Python, Ruby, etc. But, with the passage of time, business owners understood the importance of user engagement and hence Javascript got the .... Read More

How DevOps is helping Software Development Companies to churn out more Projects»

Almost everybody would agree to the fact that DevOps is now most essential for any organization including startups. The execution of development and operation part sees success only when both come together in a single frame. Live examples of its benefits are visible in Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. These companies have been able to outshine others following this unique approach. The whole consistency of delivery has been thoroughly maintained over the time making them leaders of their respective industry. Defining this whole thing, it can be termed as a revolution which .... Read More

How Prestashop Analytics can help in Boosting Earnings for eMerchants?»

The initial months of this year saw $9.3 million fundraising by PrestaShop and this helped it pave the path of 1.6 version release. Like always, PrestaShop has kept it simple by prioritizing the demand of the customers. But, in this case, a fresh Analytics and insights segment has been added for eMerchants. This is for offering the 600,000 member strong community with data that will help them in shaping the business better. From business intelligence to predictive & general report, everything has found their place inside this fresh version. Bruno Leveque, .... Read More

How Cloud storage is boosting the e-commerce industry?»

E-commerce industry analysts predict that within the next ten years, more than 80% of all computing, data storage and e-commerce will get shifted to the Cloud! This will be the final phase of evolution of web 3.0 era. By the year 2020, there will be more than 100 billion devices and sensors connected with these data centers based at Cloud. The personal computer experience will be something from Stone Age with the number dropping down to 1.4 billion. People are getting more attached with the Smartphone and tablet experience and .... Read More