How Prestashop Analytics can help in Boosting Earnings for eMerchants?»

The initial months of this year saw $9.3 million fundraising by PrestaShop and this helped it pave the path of 1.6 version release. Like always, PrestaShop has kept it simple by prioritizing the demand of the customers. But, in this case, a fresh Analytics and insights segment has been added for eMerchants. This is for offering the 600,000 member strong community with data that will help them in shaping the business better. From business intelligence to predictive & general report, everything has found their place inside this fresh version. Bruno Leveque, .... Read More

How Cloud storage is boosting the e-commerce industry?»

E-commerce industry analysts predict that within the next ten years, more than 80% of all computing, data storage and e-commerce will get shifted to the Cloud! This will be the final phase of evolution of web 3.0 era. By the year 2020, there will be more than 100 billion devices and sensors connected with these data centers based at Cloud. The personal computer experience will be something from Stone Age with the number dropping down to 1.4 billion. People are getting more attached with the Smartphone and tablet experience and .... Read More

5 Questions to ask a Software Developer Before You Hire»

Often we talk about quality of developer their dedication and technical expertise while discussing the hiring screening mandates. But, how many times do we consider taking a deep insight on the kinds of them present in the industry. According to an unique report shared by there are five kinds of them among which the most abundant are INTJ (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment) with 29% developers which comprises of 3% of US developers. Also there is ISTJ (introversion, sensing, thinking, judgment) with a strong 14% base and who comprise of .... Read More

How to Migrate Efficiently From Magento Go to Magento Community»

Magento Go is now ‘No’ Magento Go will get shut down effective 1st February 2015 that leaves e-commerce businesses with option of migrating to Magento Community edition. Looking over the perspective future of this scene business owner might miss some of the major USPs of Magento Go. Primarily it is fairly simple to use without the option of customizing flexibility. This means that migration is not complex for store owners. But, depending on the future platform the migration might get a little technical. This is the reason why Magento themselves are .... Read More

Top 5 tips to Choose the right Software Design and Development Company»

India has been for quite a long period now being the hot bed of IT and software outsourcing. Being the country with the second highest Smartphone users in the world the shaping up of both application and solution comes naturally in here. The service industry has been growing at a very steady rate in India when it comes to computer service exports such as software development. By 2012 itself India had outsourced around $51.9 billion. The worth has gone much more now and by 2016 the bar is expected to .... Read More

How to Find Suitable Company to Outsource Your Software Development»

What is software development? Software development usually includes all aspects of a business function from analyzing and researching to designing, executing, and testing a software or application. Key reasons for outsourcing software development Cost cutting is one of the major reasons for the US companies to outsource software development. According to an annual survey published by EE Times, the annual compensation of an US engineer is $103,999 compared to $75,800 drawn by a Japanese software engineer and $39,500 by an Indian engineer. Besides, getting skilled workers at a lower salary and tax savings .... Read More

Top 5 Traits of a trust-worthy Ecommerce Website Development Company»

Every online business owner wants to have an Ecommerce website that can successfully attract a large number of potential customers to the site leading to higher conversion and sales. However, to have a great website, you need experienced and trust-worthy Ecommerce website development company to work with. Listed below are the top 5 qualities that you need to look for in a website development company to finally get the best looking site. 1. Expert in the field You must look for a web development company that is an experienced player and not .... Read More

How to Find Best Responsive Website Design Company in India»

What is Responsive Web Design? Think of a situation where you have to create separate websites for desktop computer, smartphones, laptops, etc. It is an expensive process and time consuming as well. To meet the changing needs of web designing today, the concept of responsive web design has evolved that aims at creating websites to provide the best viewing and navigation experience on a range of devices from desktop computer to smartphones, tablets, and iPhones. Need for Good Responsive Website Design According to a Forbes article, in 2013 62.6% people came to .... Read More

How Custom Design and Development can Help your Social Networking Website»

The Excitement in being ‘social’ Human being is a social animal, at least that’s what we all believe in our entity! The popularity of social networks dos reflect that part inside each one of us according to many.  We have seen Orkut, tried MySpace, using facebook and twitter, what else should we expect? The journey never stops and so does not in the case of social network site development. The future is expected to be more interconnected as now most of the users are making their presence felt on the go. .... Read More

Top 5 advantages of using Amazon Webstore Design for Your eCommerce websites»

Amazon, the leading online retailer of garments, books, electronics and such other items, have created a highly scalable, user-friendly ecommerce website platform known as Amazon Webstore. It is an integrated ecommerce platform that makes it easier for billions of Amazon customers to easily find your online store and enjoy shopping. Amazon Webstore uses’s shopping cart and payment processing system to offer a rich business experience worldwide. There are many design and development companies that offer customized Amazon Webstores to help get maximum online traffic and best meet your business needs. .... Read More

Top 10 Tips for Creating SEO Friendly Content for Your Website»

2014 brings back the essence of content Quite sadly from the beginning of 2011 to late 2012 much emphasis had been given by so called million SEO professionals over only off-page works such as bookmarking, link building, article submissions, etc. the prime reason was just to keep on piling to the backlink bundle. The whole approach has harsh effects on the whole search engine environment as redundant information started to come ahead in the search engine result page. Instead of getting quality content users were just getting same base concept in .... Read More

How to Choose Right Company for Custom SharePoint Application Development Services»

Microsoft SharePoint is a framework meant for using as a toll for enterprise level content management and other apps. The platform which it offers is scalable and is known to perform best with any deployment environment. Some fine facts about SharePoint are using it US healthcare industry can save over $300 billion per year. The retailers can increase operating margins by more than 60% and manufactures can save up to 50% in product development cost. Globally 78% of all the Fortune 500 companies make use of it. 1 out of .... Read More

5 Steps to Developing Silverlight Application in Effective Way»

Microsoft’s Silverlight has been here for a quite ling stretch of period. It was released initially as a tool to help developer with application development powered by .NET framework. Now with the latest release of Silverlight 5 it has many more things to offer. This development tool is now used for developing gripping user experiences for both web and mobile platforms. This is meant for being friendly with any browser, operating systems and devices adding more dimensions to its implementation scope. With the whole attention being shifted to cross-platform application .... Read More

How a fact or two about the India's Web Development Industry can help you make a better Outsourcing Decision»

Outsourcing and India has been referred together for quite a long time. Most the professionals take that with some, but there are some who without the right idea of this industry’s authority comments roughly or sometimes misinterprets the achievements that has been done. The summit scaled This write-up is for those individual who wishes to explore more about Indian web development industry and for those who must know the facts right and put the information making a better decision. India is primarily the nation which single-handedly has made the transition of web .... Read More

A Status Check of the Software Development & Solutions Industry»

Software industry being the base of every technical advancements related to IT field is often considered as the prime revenue generation sector among all, but what that amount or worth is quite a lot of idea do not have the right idea. How big the industry really is? Branham shared an info according to which the revenue generation of all global software companies together in the year 2013 is $6,018,639 which has scaled a growth rate of 20% from its previous year’s revenue, i.e. $5,010,384. One must note that not every single software .... Read More

SharePoint Going Strong in 2014: Are You Following?»

Social Sharing and More: SharePoint 2013 Innovates and Stays Relevant  Much emphasis has been given over sharing and being social. The cloud environment is most talked about in the 2013 version. Support has been given to native iOS and android mobile and tablet devices. Much flexibility in any organization workflow has been introduced in SharePoint 2013. All these coming together are making it one of the most sought after technology of future. The prime intention for all these introductions has been to offer a better platform where developer can perform or build .... Read More

What should be the Cost of a Custom Mobile App Development Endeavor»

This question keeps pooping in the mind of hundreds of entrepreneurs who are in the process of hiring any firm for mobile app development with their idea.  This is quite a tricky question to answer as the price always depends on numerous factors, but based on certain hard-facts collected through research and a general industry idea this write-up does try to give a solid idea about what should be the cost like. What should be your Expenses? A survey report made by AnyPresence called - “Mobile Readiness Report 2013” sheds quite a .... Read More

What are the Top Reasons to Select India as your Software Outsourcing Destination»

There is quite a tale associated with Indian software development industry if NASSCOM is to be believed. The software export in last three years has witnessed an increase of 13 to 15% and is expected to reach several more milestones. NASCOM also estimated that by 2014-15 the worth of the software exports will reach to $99 billion. If the Indian domestic market is also included in this calculation, the net worth would reach $118 billion. Software Development and India All the above stats point towards a very strong fact that India still .... Read More

Why you Must Subscribe to the Services of a Microsoft Silverlight Application Development Company»

Anyone thinking about adopting the goodness of RIA in their business looks for Microsoft’s Silverlight primarily owing to its unmatchable features ? With every fresh version’s release Microsoft has ensured that every angle is covered while people use it and tried to make it flawless. Silverlight5 is the present version; this came just after Silverlight4 and has quite an array of add-ons supporting it. The RIA Reality A very interesting fact shared by RIAstats ( states that 73% of PCs with internet connection in the world have Microsoft Silverlight in them followed .... Read More

How to Setup an Ecommerce Store?»

We, the global ‘netizen’, are witnessing one of the healthiest growths in the count of users subscribing tot the medium called internet.  We are getting more elders, friends, peers and younger ones associating with us over the platform of internet. The maximum number of the internet lovers are coming from the region of Asia pacific according to Cisco Visual networking Index forecast 2011-2016  - which is 40.6% of all, followed by Western Europe at 22.4% and North America having a share of 20%. This is the Time! Such an extensive growing naturally .... Read More