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Development of eCommerce Business and its Contribution to Global Economy

04th Jul 2022

The Internet has significantly changed the commercial field of B2C sales. There are many retailers and product brands that are already selling their products with the help of e-marketplaces, stores, etc. E-commerce marketplace or online e-commerce marketing is the place where a single person can even find a variety of different brands of products or services that come from multiple vendors, stores, or people on the same platform. The e-commerce marketplace is the main type of multi-channel e-commerce where products and inventory information are provided by multiple third parties. In today's ....

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Hosted eCommerce Solution vs Open-Source Solution for eCommerce Website Development

01th Jul 2022

Any organization who wants to reach the global masses can easily do that through the internet. The internet offers multiple ways to the companies to expand their reach online, for instance, the internet offers custom-tailored experience to the customers, and improves operational efficiencies. eCommerce platforms play a significant role in the growth of any online retailer, through these platforms retailers can manage their sales, operations, and marketing. Online merchants can choose the eCommerce platform as per their business needs. Two types of eCommerce platform available to online merchants: Open-source Hosting ....

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7 Top CMS Platforms for Website Development 2022 | SynapseIndia

28th Jun 2022

Still wondering which CMS platform to use for developing a website? A 'Content Management System' CMS platform allows you to easily create a website without understanding any code. There is multiple CMS platform available, which means you may have a hard time selecting the best CMS for your web development project. In this blog, we'll explain why choosing the right CMS platform for your website is so important. We will also share our top 7 picks for the best CMS platforms. What is CMS Web Development? A CMS platform or Content Management System ....

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10 Stages of Mobile App Development Process 2022 | SynapseIndia

15th Jun 2022

What are the stages of the application development process What is the react native app development cost in India? How to begin the development procedure of mobile application? If you're thinking about developing an app, these are the questions you're probably asking yourself right now. This blog will cover everything about the mobile app development process from mobile app development services to a custom mobile app development company. Before proceeding to the ....

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12 Steps to eCommerce Website Development Process 2022 | SynapseIndia

03th Jun 2022

The number of people shopping online is increasing day by day as it is convenient to do it from anywhere. If you have a physical store, you should also consider creating an online store as it is a great way to earn extra money. Also, having eCommerce solutions for your business is a smart and affordable way to reach the global audience. Building an online store goes beyond understanding the market you are about to enter. You also need ....

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Core values of SynapseIndia

11th May 2022

Core values are significant in the growth of any business. In fact, getting the best out of employees without instilling core values in them is like watching winged pigs flying around in the sky. A perfectly defined ideologies help in building a dedicated team, delivering excellent customer service and foster innovation.   The primary goal of core values is to shape the company's culture and its mission which later proves cooperative at the time of formulating business strategy. They give employees a purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment ....

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