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Integration of Push Notification Services In Your Mobile App Can Increase Your Business ROI

27th Jul 2017

In the present digital era, mobile app development is in trend to market every business quickly. Push notifications have turned into a powerful tool and provide merchants a great opportunity to increase the users’ engagement with their business-oriented mobile app. Across the globe, all market leaders, as well as startups, are highly interested in implementing this feature in their mobile apps. The main objective of push notification feature is to keep the prospective customers in touch with the most relevant information of the business. It ensures real time delivery of ....

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Why Kentico is Preferred by Entrepreneurs for Robust CMS Development Globally

20th Jul 2017

For developing, a solid content management system (CMS), it is hard nut to crack for a business owner to choose the perfect solution. With a multitude of solution offering some extraordinary features in their CMS, it is really a tiresome job to check what would be a perfect solution for your web platform. There are numerous factors that need to be analyzed, such as ease of use, reliability, security, scalability, and support. Once you have finalized your customize needs, you get stuck at selecting the perfect pricing model. However, there is ....

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How To Build and Test the RESTful APIs Using Laravel Framwork

17th Jul 2017

RESTful API can be used effectively to develop a powerful communicative interface between your business data and your prospective audience. This framework is designed by Taylor Otwell and specially launched to enhance the efficiency of a developer by favoring convention over configuration. Laravel framework is integrated with various outstanding features and innovative ideas to cater the advanced web development solution like job queues, API authentication, real-time communication, and much more. Here, we are sharing the finest ways to build and test a robust API using Laravel with authentication: RESTful APIs First of all, ....

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Top 7 Magento Extensions for Developing Next Generation eCommerce Store

12th Jul 2017

Selecting the top Magento extensions is not a cup of tea. Magento offers a large range of interesting extensions. What sorts of extensions you need to integrate into your Magento powered eCommerce store depends on your personalized needs and preferences. Based on the market demand and popularity, here we have listed the top 7 Magento extensions: 1. Magento One Step Checkout: It allows store owners to set their lengthy 6-page checkout process into a compact way. It helps in making the life of online shoppers easier by offering them user-friendly one-page ....

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Make Your Digital Web Presence Outstanding With WordPress Platform

07th Jul 2017

Your website is the front door and it serves as the digital storefront for your business. So, it should be interactive, load quickly as well as it should be responsive. Globally, various business owners understand the power of an online presence and that's why they are completely focused on creating the stunning web presence using WordPress Platform. However, when it comes to designing and executing a professional website, then business owners have myriad options to choose their customized web development platform, but WordPress has incredible demand. The world-accepted web development platform, ....

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Latest Features of ASP.Net Core to Develop Feature Rich Web Applications

29th Jun 2017

When it comes to an enterprise application or a feature rich business application development, Microsoft's enabled solution is the first choice that floats in the psyche of developers as well as business owners. Utilizing the brand's strength and rich library support, Microsoft's.Net platform is broadly used to assemble full-fledged applications. ASP. Net Core MVC has rearranged the complete thought of creating new era web applications. Improving the coding environment and expect to effectively meet the market needs, ASP.Net Core is enjoying the top position on Microsoft's web stack. Major highlights of the ....

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5 Key Performance Indicators to Increase Mobile App Usability

20th Jun 2017

To understand the actual need of mobile app users, it is always good to put yourself in your consumer's shoes. As a mobile app user, what step you will take if - 1. The moment you tap on the app, it crashes? 2. Are you navigating endlessly the various sections of the mobile app and unable to get the desired functionality? 3. You are on the checkout page of an eCommerce app and get a broken payment link? Definitely, you will uninstall the app at the instant. To overcome this situation, it is pivotal to ....

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Kotlin: Latest Buzz in the Android App Development World

17th Jun 2017

Developed by JetBrains’ team of programmers, Kotlin is accepted as a powerful programming language. It can perform effectively on Java Virtual Machine and can be easily compiled to the JavaScript source code. The app development platform, Android recently announced first-class support for Kotlin during a keynote at the annual conference of Google I/O. The introduction of Kotlin is really a great news for Android app developers and it opens new doors of opportunities for them. Here are some incredible benefits of Kotlin platform that will take Android app development to ....

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PSD to Drupal - Effective Way to Design Stunning Website

14th Jun 2017

When it comes to developing a full-fledged operational website that is truly functional, dynamic and highly interactive, then Drupal is the first choice for both developers as well as business owners. Offering the most advanced features and functionality, now Drupal has become the robust CMS solution for developing a competitive business website. PSD to Drupal conversion has always been a great choice to develop websites that business owners are actually looking for. This conversion approach has supported businesses in various aspects. Drupal is blessed with some exclusive plugins and interactive modules ....

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 Kentico: An All-In-One Solution for Solid CMS Development

06th Jun 2017

At present, all the businesses want to develop their stunning websites, as targeted audience and business people often reach to the company’s web page to get aware about the business products and services. As per the recent observation, more than 50% of the web visitors spend less than 10 seconds on a website. So, developing a full-fledged website has become one of the foremost concern for every business owner and that's why they opt Kentico solution. Kentico allows the development of solid CMS along with various benefits: 1. End-User Oriented The main ....

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