Jul 2015

Power of C# and XAML in .Net Framework Development»

C# introduced by Microsoft under .Net Framework is one of the most popular coding languages for 2015. In the era of mobile apps and cloud system, Microsoft .Net development framework is providing the best solutions and support for both. Stability, open source and cross-platform are the biggest challenges for developers while developing different types of application. By considering all issues and challenges from the point of developers, .Net kept on providing the support with its new libraries along with introducing new technologies. Every user now-a-days likes to use scalable and .... Read More


Jun 2015

7 Reasons why you should think about WordPress for designing website»

When you are searching the best option for your website designing you will get WordPress is one of the best platforms that fulfill your requirement.The Platform of WordPress is loads with several benefits. Let's see a seven reasons why you should go to WordPress developer in India for designing your website. 1. WordPress is Freeware: WordPress Platform is freeware. You can develop your website as per  your needs and requirements. In the software world various things are available free like Java, used for android phones and banking software's. 2.WordPress is Easy to .... Read More


Jun 2015

Magento Vs Zen Cart - Which One you Should Go for ?»

Online shopping is on a boom and so the prospects for online retailers are also on a real high. Definitely, if you are planning to set up your own e-commerce store then employing an open source software would be in  your mind. Options existing for online retailers are in plenty; however, there are few e-commerce platforms that can be relied upon. Magento and Zen Cart are two of the most promising open source  e-commerce platforms that you can rely upon for creating your store. Let’s dig deep to know more .... Read More


Jun 2015

Points you Should Know for Building Robust HTML5 Apps»

Abundant tools are available for web app development nowadays; however, not all offer the same ease as offered by HTML5 and JavaScript. Specifically HTML5 has proven its worth when it comes to creating robust web applications. Developing HTML5 applications may seem to be rather tedious but the truth is that once you go past the learning curve and develop ample skills relevant enough for HTML5 development, it will be easier to get hold of the development process.     There are a number of points you should know to ensure creation of solid .... Read More


Jun 2015

Easy Steps to Determining your Software Development Budget»

Creating the correct software development budget depends on a number of factors. Precisely, you would require making a deep analysis on the scope of the proposed software first. More is the complexity of a software, more is the time & cost required to develop it. There are different steps that need to be followed to determine your software development budget. A number of Indian software development companies employ the approach as given below. Let’s take a look at the same. Making Overall Estimate -  Different techniques available for getting an overall .... Read More


Jun 2015

Core PHP Development Techniques Every Developer Should Follow»

A server side scripting language, PHP is quite popular among developers owing to its broad set of features that enable developers across the globe deliver powerful web solutions. PHP renders writing dynamically generated pages quite simple besides allowing creation of web solutions that make a real difference. However, employing PHP may be troublesome for some developers who are just starting up. It should be understood that unless the best PHP techniques are employed, expecting cutting-edge web solutions is just a dream. Only a few developers engaged in PHP development in .... Read More


May 2015

Is it Really Hard to Get Quality Work in Offshore Software Development?»

Software development is a specialized domain that requires one to take care of the different aspects related to it. A professional with a mere degree in software development cannot be your one stop solution for your software requirements. A number of other factors are also involved that should be taken into consideration while choosing among the different software developers in India. However, the fact that every Indian developer is a sheer bundle of talent can never be denied. Quality - A Crucial Parameter Followed By Indian Developers.. Offshore software development in India .... Read More


May 2015

Must Have Abilities for Every Professional Software Developer»

The software engineering field has witnessed varying levels of professionalism in the past 10 years. As a result of the low levels of professionalism, clients looking for software development have to face project cost overruns, missed deadlines, lost revenue besides other indirect adverse consequences. Every software development company in India & abroad is looking for ways to maximize the opportunities of ensuring project delivery as promised. Despite this desire, around 80% software projects don’t taste success due to the inefficiency of software developers. Hence, its must for every software developer .... Read More


May 2015

Best Firefox Add-ons for Web Development»

A major pain for almost all web developers is the complexities involved in the web development process including debugging, optimizing, coding, and validating. Developers in almost every web development company in India and abroad come across other challenges too that makes the situation more problematic. A good news is that these tasks can be made simple by making use of tools within the browser; Firefox add-ons need a special mention in this regard. Most developers must be aware of then fact that Firefox comes with in-built tools for developers, additionally, with .... Read More


May 2015

Keep Safe of Mobilegeddon with Robust Drupal Modules»

Google made a change to its ranking algorithm recently to facilitate more preference for mobile-friendly sites. It simply means that mobile friendly sites can expect better search engine rankings while those not complying with the mobile-friendly factor will experience sharp fall in rankings. So, time has arrived to get ready and make your website more mobile-friendly with help of mobile-friendly Drupalule mods created by some of the experienced Drupal web developers. Let’s take a look at  a few of them. Picture Module - 3G or 4G is not within the reach .... Read More


Apr 2015

How to Expand Into Newer Markets with your Android App»

Its rightly said that with Android and Google Play, you can reach suitable audience for your newly developed app. A very powerful user base already exists in more than 130 countries across the globe. So, besides making plans for hiring a company for Android tablet application development or mobile app development, you also need to make plans for expanding into these new promising markets across the world. Industry experts recommend localizing the app in order to optimize its distribution potential. It also helps your app earn high ratings from global Android .... Read More


Apr 2015

How to Integrate Multi Faceted SharePoint services with Cloud?»

Microsoft SharePoint serves as a robust centralized platform to fulfill requirements pertaining to different mixes of  customized enterprise module and web applications. Especially, for a proprietary solution buyer, its a concept that can be risked to loose at any cost. SharePoint 2010 deals with Sites, Communities, Insights, Content, Search, and Composites. Enterprises looking for robust solutions are approaching SharePoint 2010 services for suitably managing & provisioning intranet, documents, websites, portals, and Extranet. Custom SharePoint App Using Cloud... Microsoft has shown its proficiency via SharePoint 2010 in this widely distributed Cloud computing era. .... Read More


Apr 2015

Why Responsive Magento Ecommerce website Gets Crucial for your Online Business»

Smartphone users are increasing day by day; somewhat similar is the scene for number of tablet users. Increasing Internet usage over mobile devices is almost fading off the traditional desktop/laptop based approach. Users find accessing information using their hand-held devices more convenient compared to sitting in front of huge monitors. So, just having a Magento based e-commerce store will not do anymore. You need to look into the brighter prospects that responsive design can bring to your existing Magento store. Its All About Giving Customers What They Want, But Easily... Customers feel .... Read More


Apr 2015

April 21 is Near - Is your Website Ready for Mobilegeddon?»

Mobile usability has special importance in Google's search algorithms. If your website is correctly optimized for use on mobile, it will rank higher than its non-optimized counterparts. What factors Google considers for calculating mobile rankings has been quite ambiguous for most marketers. However, on April 21, this would change. Mobilegeddon All Set for April 21... Google is currently working on its new algorithm that would be rolled out worldwide on April 21. The search engine giant announced its plans of expanding its use of  mobile-friendliness in form of a ranking signal recently. .... Read More


Apr 2015

Power of PHP Updates: PHP 5 Updates Fixing Security Vulnerabilities»

PHP has been a popular programming language as it encompasses a set of features that empower developers to make robust websites & web applications in quick time. A sort of boon for web developers, PHP has also undergone an array of updates and launch of new versions to ensure that the same level of programming ease is maintained and arising issues are fixed – needless to mention the importance of these updates for PHP website development. Reportedly, there have been some security-related flaws related with PHP programming; however, just to .... Read More


Apr 2015

5 Essential Elements For Developing E-commerce Website»

While you are planning to selling products online, a robust and flexible e-commerce website is required. If you will go with proper e-commerce website in place of usual ones then, it is one of the best designs decided by you that will be fruitful for you in future. Proper e-commerce sites offer their products with easier navigation as well as secured payment gateway. There are countless e-commerce websites online but most of them are not successful because they commit blunder mistakes that makes the efforts of such businesses useless. Here we .... Read More


Apr 2015

How To Get More Business With Custom WordPress web development?»

When you are planning to build a site in WordPress or in any other web services, you must remember that the final target is its optimization. You need to optimize everything whatever you do and that will  make your website  success. It is very essential to understand its importance before you move on to the other step. Optimizing everything in your website means that you will end up with a final product that is powerful, accessible, and successful. These days, WordPress web development is the first choice among business owners because .... Read More


Apr 2015

SynapseIndia Announces Distribution of TABLET phones to its Employees»

IT outsourcing major SynapseIndia recently announced the distribution of Micromax P470 tablet to its employees who attended the 15th Foundation day retreat HR activities. It was a major announcement made at the company's 15th Foundation Day held at a retreat hotel outside Delhi/NCR that brought more smiles on the faces of employees of the reputed company. As per the company spokesperson “Our company has been delivering web and mobile applications for our global clientele successfully every year simply because of the valiant, dedicated efforts of our employees. This is indeed the prime .... Read More


Apr 2015

How to Achieve Ultimate Success by Hiring a Web Design Company»

Starting a new business is good; however, when there are not enough means to let it expand, what's the last option available to you? Hiring a professional web design & web development company in India or abroad may not be the last option, yet its bound to bring in fruitful results if the decisions made while hiring go in the right direction. First of all, lets dig deep in the reasons for approaching a professional web design firm. Growing your business would be lot easier when you have the means to .... Read More


Mar 2015

Mobile Application Development : Exploring Bright Possibilities of Latest Version of Android»

Ever since its first launch in 2008, Android has fully evolved as a plain yet powerful operating system for mobiles. Several version releases after the first release have helped build that foundation while advancing the platform both functionally & visually. Android Lollipop, the most recent version of Android is a fully polished version packed with wholesome features that add up more to user experience. 5.0 Lollipop : Android in its Newest Shell.. Android 5.0 Lollipop comes out fresh and feels more comfortable than previous versions. Its new design involves bright & bold colors, .... Read More

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