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3 Essential Features to take care of in Your Shopping Cart Software

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3 Essential Features to take care of in Your Shopping Cart Software

Everyone has their ecommerce software with them, then why is that they do not perform equally? This might be due to lack of research while choosing the ecommerce that they are using right now. Just for the sake of having it and choosing just looking over some basic features might make you reinvest post-launching due to lack of feature richness.

By Jitendra

The retaining rate of website visitors determines the success ration of any ecommerce business and for getting the most of it people taking many innovative approaches. But first understating the real scenario is must. According to a general survey 42% online shoppers leave the shopping cart when they find that no fixed delivery date is there.

More importantly 75% modern users believe that some kind of shipping tracking system has to be there. You need to ask yourself whether your platform offers all these customization benefits, if not it’s time to change or at least think differently.

Shopping Cart Software E-commerce

Difference of user habit: Regulating factor of the success of an online shopping software

There is a huge difference between age old offline shopper’s habit and online shopper’s habit when it comes to shopping. Window shopping is generally associated with the offline shop as it is often done as a recreation, but when it comes to online shipping not much of the user just browses the internet without the intention of busying a product. It is seen in a survey that 58% of users put a particular item in their cart when they decide to purchase it some other time. 19% use the cart as a reminder tool for making desired purchase some time comfortable. Only 11% is seen to abandon the shopping carts without purchasing and can be stacked under the category of rare online window shoppers.

67% of US online users are now making purchase through online only in the retail sector and this is not just the story of one nation. This trend is now spreading globally and with more and more sales by 2016 the retail industry will touch a benchmark of $1.4 trillion.

Online Shopping Cart Software

What has to be there in your ecommerce software?

For a successful store development one has to make sure that some of the major points are taken care of. A genuine shopping cart software has all these features under its belt of offering and so people do prefer it. Here are those points over which one might put concentration while selecting ecommerce software.


The design is the first thing that establishes the interest factor of any user in any portal. The very interface provided by the software must be user and mobile friendly simultaneously. This must be ensured along fine HTML coding support for making the site speed optimum while loading for better user-experience.


Having integral features supporting this whole endeavor of promotion is a must. By promotion its does not mean marketing efforts after launching of site, having modules supporting SEO does.  Integrating Amazon and eBay store also does.

3-Site Features:

In the long run all everything depends on the feature richness of the software and one must look for those extra points which can give it the extra mileage.

Once a person ensures having all these primarily in an ecommerce software next depends on the implantation part. Thus, up to the choosing of software he has done it perfectly following these points.


Shopping Cart Software E-commerce

Online Shopping Cart Software

Author: Jitendra

The author has immense experience in digital marketing activities, SEO/SMO, web design, and development etc. Using his vast experience in these fields, he has been creating informative content for these genres. His keen endeavors to know and understand current industry trends has helped him to inform users about the regular uproars happening in the industry through his blogs.