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3 Software Trends We Can't Ignore In 2022

calender 20 Oct 2022

“Software development industry is an emerging and evolving industry where trends change every month. To leverage these trending technologies, it is the high-time to jump on board and utilize these technologies for your growth and success.”

3 Software Trends We Can't Ignore In 2022 | SynapseIndia

Software trends have always been the topic of buzz, sooner or later people will start to speculate what trends will rule the tech world. Undeniably, next-gen software will change the way we operate across the board.

Software developer trends is something which is always changing and growing but the pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in technology. Therefore, what seems to rule the market today may become history tomorrow. But there are some trends that will rule the world till eternity such as AI, Blockchain, and Progressive Web Apps. There are people who think Blockchain is a rogue wave or PWAs are merely just a sideshow in the frenetic world of app development.

In this article we will demystify how AI, Blockchain, and Progressive Web Apps will evolve in the coming year and what impact they are creating in the current tech-oriented world.

Future of Software Development Industry

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Progressive Web Apps

The demand for more refined workflows and user experiences will shift the focus from conversational AI to predictive AI. PWAs act as a middle-ground between two different user experiences. Lately, Blockchain technology has grown immensely, moreover, it is applicable in situations where privacy is the primary matter of concern.

No doubt, we all are aware of Blockchains impermeable ledger and how it is changing the banking sector by challenging the limits of conventional banking. The demand for delivering improved user-experience has introduced the concept of predictive AI, though there is a lingering skepticism surrounding their applicatory potential.

Examining Software Development Industry Trends That We Cant Ignore In 2022

AI Software

AI can perform many tasks and has the potential to convert and respond to natural language patterns. Although AI can contextualize an output once it has examined the input, it is not going to replace humans for critical thinking.

With each passing day, AI is only getting better. For instance, myopically: an AI can learn concepts beyond its limits or if it has intuitive functionality now, we cannot imagine where it will be 10 years down the road.

Organizations around the world are shifting their focus from conversational AI to predictive AI because every company wants to deliver an improved user experience to their users. Predictive AI transcends verticals, shape-shifting to alleviate a diverse set of pain points we didn't recognize as pain points until we had the means of dismantling them.

However, sometimes it is easy to predict a user's interest and queries, which we often see with Google. Google AI predicts our searches on the basis of previous search data and thus makes our search easy and less time-consuming.

But in some cases, AI prediction is not simple and more institutional. For instance, the US Army uses AI prediction to know about their failing vehicle systems and give more understanding of operational health, serving as an automated equipment technician.

In addition, AI pattern recognition technique can be used on different platforms such as stock fluctuations, weather patterns, and to resolve other enigmas as well.

Progressive Web App

PWA is one of the new trends in software development. Its an application that has admired native app aesthetic and device connectivity but delivers a browser-based user experience to the user. It has engineered the perfect formula for cross-channel connectivity because these apps have functionality which a regular web app or a mobile app do not have.

Users can get to PWAs from any web browser and get a similar client experience from any operating system. They utilize an ever-evolving web stack (JS, HTML, CSS) to replicate the mobile application experience.

If users want to use the mobile app, they need to download it from the app store, and then they can interact using the app via the thumbnail that is visible on the screen. Sometimes organizations lose engagement on the mobile app front because of the limited navigation, poor load-speed, and a scattered user journey. PWAs are relatively traditional web apps which is why a URL is always connected with them, making them linkable and share-friendly.

PWAs follow the easiest course of action by giving users maximum accessibility. Clients get two choices: keep on exploring to the PWA through their browser or download an easy route symbol to their home screen for more noteworthy accessibility. PWAs are incredibly simple to execute, simple to utilize, and easy to update, a mutual benefit on all fronts. Clients save storage on their devices, and brands decrease development and application maintenance costs.

While mobile applications should be downloaded through the application store and comply with application store rules and guidelines, PWAs function autonomously, reestablishing creative freedom for branding drives.


The introduction of Blockchain corresponded with a developing interconnectivity and a feeling of fear toward how new accessibility would compromise data. Blockchain is a decentralized, impermeable record that offers an option in contrast to centralized processes. When the boundaries of a transaction are coded and another block is made, the transaction self-executes as indicated by the parameters.

Worldwide trades are particularly weak in the hands of payment networks. Regularly worldwide exchanges require 3-5 days to settle and come with a strong expense for every exchange. Blockchain choices like Ripple and Tron enormously decrease the expenses and affirm transactions in under a fraction of the time.

Bypassing large banks is an alluring first-thought, which is the reason we saw Blockchain saturate banking and monetary outlets. What other intermediaries can we cut out of the equation? The rundown is long, persistently developing, and now and again non-human.

We can pinpoint serious omissions in data security and converse the suspicion they've prompted. Maybe, we can apply Blockchain to the democratic cycle, removing software with seedy security protocols. Imagine a scenario in which we progress Real Estate into an absolutely free cycle, trading houses without a representative, and verifying sales and payments across the Blockchain network.

Indeed, even cloud computing and Blockchain compare pleasantly, abridging permeable protocols with cryptographic record-keeping.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to contextualize trends and use them to grow your business. You may enjoy reading about new tech-trends but if you are not using them to expand your reach then it is completely useless. Merge your current software solutions with tech trends and build a bridge that will take your organization towards the enlightened side of things.



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