5 Advanced PHP Development Tips for High Quality Programming

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5 Advanced PHP Development Tips for High Quality Programming

Being a PHP developer, one needs to know all the high & lows related to PHP development process as it decides how efficiently a project undertaken from a client will be delivered. Gathering proper knowledge of the project requirements, keeping error reporting ON, deliberate & accurate coding etc., are some of the ways that will ensure that the PHP project one undertakes is delivered successfully.

By Jitendra

Some of the most powerful applications on web are created using PHP – that indicates how influential & useful this web development framework is. Over the years, there have been different versions of PHP released from time to time. Among the different PHP frameworks, Yii has shown superior performance as is evident from following graph.

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Knowing PHP basics for each & every PHP framework available may be quite tedious unless you have a PHP expert by your side that can guide you about the ways for effective development. Here, we bring for you 5 PHP development tips that you can follow to ensure development efficiently. Whether you work in a PHP web development company in India or abroad or are a freelance developer, these tips will benefit you in the long run for sure.

1. OOP is the Big Thing – Underestimating Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is  not wise if you are a PHP developer. OOP involves programming using Objects or classes that eliminates the requirement for code repetition besides simplifying basic tasks. In procedural programming, a definite routine is followed as the server reads different files on your server. OOP is simpler, faster and comparatively easier to debug. Going for OOP will change your development style, making it more streamlined & systematic.

2. Acquire Fair Understanding of your Project – Without proper knowledge of the requirements included in your project, its not easy to deliver what is required. Every project, whether big or small, is based on a specific proposal that includes all details about the project requirements. Always take out time to go through the entire proposal; rather than straight away jumping into the development phase.

3. Error Reporting Ought to Be ON – Running a project flawlessly is something every developer would dream of; however, errors are a part of the development process that should be noticed as soon as possible. Biggest error you would make is to not know the error you are making. Keeping error reporting turned ON will enable you run the project in full production mode without getting a single case of error.

4. PHP's Inbuilt Function Can be Helpful – Using PHP's inbuilt function can be quite helpful at times; especially in the cases when you are stuck with tight project deadlines. A problem situation could be to count the number of keys in a specific array – which can ordinarily be done as you loop through the array following it by incrementing one value for each iteration. Another much easier way would be to make use of inbuilt PHP function count() that performs the same task, but in a more uncomplicated manner.

5. Coding is Succeeding – Yeah, that's true – unless you don't put yourself completely in the development task, its not possible to get desired results. So, deliberate coding is all that can save you & your project from crashing into failure.


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