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5 Best AI Coding Assistant Tools to Boost Your Workflow

calender 22 Feb 2024

“AI coding assistants make coding faster and easier for developers. These tools use artificial intelligence to suggest code, catch errors, and even offer tips on making the code better.”


Modern software development depends on the best programming tactics. It aids in developing innovative applications and systems to power the digital world. However, the process of coding can be complex and challenging, making developers navigate intricate syntax, troubleshoot errors, and manage large codebases. The AI Coding Assistants emerged as valuable companions that have changed the game of programming and enhanced the coding experience for the developers. In this blog, we will explore the 5 best tools of AI for developers that help boost workflow and streamline every process. 

AI Coding Assistance: An Introduction

AI-based coding assistance is a software tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Large-Langauge-Model (LLMs), which helps developers write, edit, debug, test, and document the code. AI Coding Tools act as a virtual companion that provides intelligent suggestions, recommendations, and automated assistance that optimize the process of software development and thus enhance productivity. 

Top 5 Best AI Coding Assistance

AI coding assistance enhances the workflow and thus proves to be a successful tool for software development. Here are the top 5 AI coding assistance that help you streamline the workflow and complete it efficiently: 

1. Codium

This AI Coding Assistant helps developers elevate the game of coding with the power of AI. While compared with others Codium evolved as a game changer with its unique set of features. 


  • Accurate suggestions for code: Codium suggests code deeply by adding exception handling, docstrings, and other practices. 
  • Explanation of code: Code describes with source code or code snippet the developer needs. 
  • Automatic test generation: It quickly generates and tests code using reliable unit tests for your code, and without doing it manually. 
  • Code behavior coverage: Its behavior coverage allows the generation of a test case that covers possible code behavior and applies the changes directly to the source code. 
  • Various language and IDE support: Codium supports various programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript. 

2. GitHub Copilot

GitHub copilot was developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI. This AI Coding Assistant aims to transform the coding experience with its advanced features and capabilities. These AI Coding Tools use the potential of AI and ML which emerged as great AI tools for developers to enhance efficiency and offer various features to make the coding process efficient. 


  • Integration with top IDEs: This can be integrated with popular IDEs like Virtual Studio, JetBrains, and Neovim, to make the development process smoother. 
  • Support for multiple languages: Support multiple languages such as Python, Golang, Ruby, TypeScript, etc. 
  • Code Function and Function Generation: Provide intelligent automation of code and offer snippets to improve the efficiency of coding. 
  • Easy Auto-complete Navigation: Cycle with multiple auto-suggestions easily, and allow to explore different options to select the most suitable suggestions of the code. 

3. Tabnine

Tabine enhances the experience of coding using intelligent code completion, error detection and fixes, automatic code detection, and refactoring assistance. It helps developers generate high-quality code, enhancing developers' efficiency and streamlining the process. 


  • Code Refactoring Assistance: Provide guidance and suggestions for the code to improve scalability, efficiency, and maintainability. 
  • Code Linting: Suggests the code that identifies the potential errors and fixes bugs to ensure an error-free code.
  • Automatic Code Detection: Automatically generates the code to enhance the understanding and collaboration among developers. 
  • Intelligent code Completions: Provide intelligent compilation of code based on its extensive data library and assist developers promptly. 

4. Mutable AI

Mutable AI is a tool that revolutionizes the coding experience with features of AI and makes it autocomplete the code in a single click. This AI Coding Tool fastens the development process and enhances extensive language and IDE integration to help AI developers write code more efficiently and effectively. 


  • AI Autocomplete: Minimizes the spent time on boilerplate code and searches for solutions on Stack Overflow with specialized neural networks it provides intelligent code suggestions.
  • Production Quality Code: Refract, document and add types to your code effortlessly, and ensure high-quality output. 
  • Prompt-driven Development: It interacts with API directly and modifies the code by enabling the interactive and intuitive experience of coding. 
  • Test Generation: Automatically generates unit tests of AI techniques ensuring a comprehensive test coverage for your code. 
  • Language and IDE Integration: It supports popular languages like Golang, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, and many more. 

5. Amazon CodeWhisper

It boosts the process of development with speed coding, and accuracy, and enables a fast and precise coding experience. Amazon AI is also capable of suggesting code, functions, and documentation. 


  • Code Suggestions: Based on the context of the code it offers snippets, functions, and even complete classes based on the context of the code. 
  • Function Completion: Helps the functions by giving suggestions on the following line or filling the entire function of the body. 
  • Documentation generator: Easily generates the code including function summaries, parameters, descriptions, and return values. 
  • Security Scanning: It easily scans the code to find out the potential vulnerabilities, and thus makes the code error-free. 
  • Language Support: It is available for various programming languages like Python, PHP, Kotlin, C#, Rust, C, SQL, and others. 
  • Integration with IDEs: Can be used with JetBrains, IDEs, VS Code, and many more. 

Potential Benefits of Using AI Coding Assistance

Above we have read about a few important AI Coding Assistant tools and their features. Now let’s focus on how these tools are useful to make the coding process efficient and easier. Here are a few potential benefits of using AI coding assistance:

1. Enhance Productivity

AI coding tools make the workflow of the programmer easy and these platforms save time by automating repetitive tasks. Developers can easily focus on high-level while AI-powered tools deal with routine tasks, and thus it overall increases productivity. 

2. Improve Code Quality

AI allows the creation of apps with high standards. The AI coding assistance provides suggestions in real-time and identifies potential risks. This also detects potential errors and risks where it is easy to create a maintainable codebase. 

3. Language and Framework Flexibility

AI coding assistants are versatile and adaptable, supporting multiple programming languages and frameworks. This flexibility allows developers to work with their preferred tools and environments, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Whether coding in Python, JavaScript, Java, or any other language, AI assistants provide relevant suggestions and guidance tailored to the specific context, ensuring consistency and accuracy in code development.

4. Learning and skill development

AI coding assistance facilitates continuous learning and skill development for developers. By analyzing code patterns, identifying best practices, and offering real-time feedback, AI assistants help developers improve their coding proficiency and expand their knowledge base. Additionally, AI-powered code completion and suggestion features expose developers to new techniques and methodologies, encouraging experimentation and growth.

5. Collaboration and Knowledge sharing

AI coding assistants promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among development teams. With features like code review assistance, version control integration, and collaborative editing support, AI tools enable developers to work together seamlessly, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences. By fostering a culture of collaboration, tools of AI for developers enhance team productivity, accelerate project delivery, and drive innovation within organizations.

Key Takeaways

AI coding assistant tools can significantly enhance developers' workflows and productivity. With the increasing complexity of software development, AI coding assistants serve as invaluable companions, empowering developers to tackle challenges with confidence and efficiency. As technology continues to evolve, integrating AI Coding Tools into the development workflow will become increasingly essential for staying competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of software engineering.

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