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5 Powerful AngularJS Frameworks for Developing Avant-Garde Web Applications

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5 Powerful AngularJS Frameworks for Developing Avant-Garde Web Applications

AngularJS is a relatively modern era technology to provide an incredible website & web apps. It is an efficient tool to create a competitive solution for your business where HTML can be extended to demonstrate all web components effectively.

By Geeta

Fast and sure-fire methods are the expectations of today's tech-savvy society. With the constant changes in the web development field, it has become tiresome for web specialists to cope-up and provides award-winning results within the stipulated time frame. Therefore, simplified and feature-rich frameworks are required in order to accomplish the complicated tasks with minimal efforts.


Out of the numerous web development platforms, AngularJS has created a great demand across the sphere with its extraordinary functionality, simplicity, efficiency, and capability. There is a large range of front-end frameworks powered by AngularJS today. They all have built-in features that aid you in the application development process. Here is a list of the most powerful AngularJS frameworks, which are trusted by web experts to build amazing web app solutions.

1. Ionic

Utilized by a number of web development agencies, Ionic helps web developers in developing interactive web applications at reasonable costs. These web applications are not only capable of performing flawlessly on smart devices but are truly efficient to provide a seamless experience to the end users. The Ionic framework is truly powerful, cost-affordable and equipped with a feature-rich software development kit (SDK).

2. Radian

Another AngularJS framework, Radian is built on Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD). It has great capability to produce powerful applications with a plethora of features and complex functionality in no time. It supports SAAS, JADE, and CoffeeScript files and that's why it becomes truly scalable, reliable and efficient enough to meet your future design objectives.

3. Mobile Angular UI

It is a user interface (UI) framework for developing HTML5 mobile apps. Mobile Angular UI offers pivotal mobile components like sidebars, switches, scroll-able areas, overlays and much more. This framework allows developers to create stunning mobile user-interface and convert desktop web applications to mobile apps.

4. Angular UI Bootstrap

The world accepted front-end framework Angular UI Bootstrap is powered with a range of in-built features. The outstanding elements are integrated into the app by HTML and CSS and thereby attracts a huge mass of users to the end product. The framework is loved by developers as well as business owners due to its extraordinary derivatives like the drop-down, color picker, carousel and more.

5. Supersonic

If you are willing to create dynamic hybrid apps, incorporated with desirable APIs, features, and functionalities, then Supersonic framework has great ability to fuel your desire. Data storage, interaction, and retrieval has become quite easy with REST API.

The modern-day frameworks have transformed the app development process effectively. The AngularJS Development Company, SynapseIndia has years of industry expertise to provide competitive app development services. So, meet your all sort of web or mobile app development needs at one place and accelerate your business ROI.


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