5 Simple Steps for Reducing Abandonment of Shopping Cart Experience

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5 Simple Steps for Reducing Abandonment of Shopping Cart Experience

A large percentage of buyers consider it preferable to abandon the shopping cart when they do not find the e-commerce site suitable due to different reasons. However, e-commerce site owners can reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment by following tips like displaying the estimated shipping prices upfront, shortening the checkout procedure, sending e-mail reminders etc.

By Vikas

Merely drawing buyers to your e-commerce site is not enough as their is quite less possibility that a visitor to your site will make a purchase. Its not a mandate that the visitor proceeds to checkout after adding products from your store to his/her shopping cart.

There are a few tips that you can follow to decrease your online store's shopping cart abandonment rate and maximize your revenue. Following are the tips/steps mentioned in detail

1. Make Shipping Prices Visible Upfront : High shipping fees has been found as one of the main reasons behind buyers being forced to go for shopping cart abandonment. As shipping prices are usually shown at the end of ordering process, it adds up to the price of the selected product significantly.

Its recommended to display the estimated shipping prices upfront on the products page itself so that the customer can make a fair decision based on the price mentioned upfront. Its even quite effective to provide the facility to the buyer to calculate the shipping charge based on his location.

2. Don't Make Signing in a Mandate for Product Buying : In order to offer a better & customized shopping experience to the buyers, you would like them to register at your site by creating an account. However, busy buyers may not find registering a very pleasant activity. So, its better to allow customers make a purchase without getting into the time-consuming registration procedure.

3. Shorten the Checkout Procedure : Customer may feel irritated in case the checkout process is too lengthy and more of company-centric rather than being customer-centric. Time is essence for everyone, So, during checkout, ask the buyer only that information that is actually essential for completing the purchase.

4. Provide Assurance of Security With SSL Certificate : All customers want to have a safe shopping experience and so if your site lacks the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, customers may leave your site as soon as they notice it. Also, make the shopping experience extremely convenient by offering customers with a host of secured digital payment options. You can also use a currency converter to make payment more easier for the buyers.

5. Remind Buyers Who Abandon their Carts : Its not wise to assume loss of sale if a potential buyer abandons the cart. You can still make out of the lost opportunity by sending e-mail reminders to the customers, reminding them of the products they selected & placed in their cart. It increases the chances of customer re-visiting your website and completing the purchase.

No doubt, ecommerce website development is on the rise these days and every online business wants to make the most out of it by getting a sales-drawing e-commerce site. Besides focusing on building an attractive & user-friendly online store, businesses also need to follow all the points mentioned above if they desire to maximize their revenue.


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Author: Vikas

The author has produced & edited several articles and related informative material for a range of genres including web design & development, software development, Internet marketing etc.  He likes to create informative content to educate readers regarding the current tech trends while remaining engaged in a host of online promotional activities for his organization.