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5 Top Myths about WordPress Development | SynapseIndia

WordPress platform is well incorporated with the advanced features and plugins. But, instead of these robust features and plugins, some IT professionals are still skeptical of using WordPress, chiefly as a result of some meaningless myths about the platform.

By Jitendra

WordPress platform is utilized by a large number of online sites, and they also integrated the advanced features of WordPress in their websites. IT Professionals at WordPress development in India are excited to know whether these advance features make a difference and prevent future breaches. But, in spite of these features, a few individuals are still incredulous of utilizing WordPress, primarily as a result of some meaningless myths about the platform.

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Here are the five most pervasive and why they're wrong:

1. WordPress is especially created for blogs: WordPress is previously utilized as a blogging tool, but now it becomes a full-featured "content management system". Clients can personalize their website's appearance with a great many themes and make it user friendly using downloadable plugins.

2. WordPress is not secure: With more than 60 million sites, this CMS system is exceptionally targeted by hackers. WordPress accompanies vigorous security plugins, which are especially valuable for sites hosting, eCommerce or other important client information.

3. WordPress is not reliable for large scale businesses: Numerous large scale organizations with high volume traffic websites utilize WordPress, including Forbes, CNN and TIME magazine. Even the specialists are trusting on the robust platform of WordPress. TechCrunch, a noteworthy technology news site with a huge number of visitors every month, keeps running on the platform.

4. Open-source programming doesn't give great user support: WordPress utilizes software that can be altered by any web designer. It allows a large number of developers from all around the globe to add  and refine the WordPress programming. At WordPress forums, WordPress community professionals are willing to solve any queries and problems regarding WordPress CMS.

Contrast that to a similar platform. Even the well supported team likely includes at most a dozen or so people. They're responsible for settling a wide and sprawling mass of issues. Even basic user issues regularly go unaddressed.
5. WordPress plugins are not reliable: It's better to accept that some of WordPress' plugins haven't been coded to the most noteworthy standards. That is the reason the platform has a strong and reliable review system that permits users to raise any issues.  With a huge number of websites giving feedback, glitches are ferreted out rapidly and users easily avoid installing a plugin that user rating is not good.


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