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6 Major Benefits of Having a Customized SharePoint 2010 Solution

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6 Major Benefits of Having a Customized SharePoint 2010 Solution

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offers a host of beneficial features that make it truly unique and effective. Among the various reasons to choose SharePoint, the most crucial ones include its cost-effectiveness, social media engagement options, people search function, optimum flexibility, easy access on mobile and a lot more.

By Geeta

Professional Sharepoint 2010 Development

SharePoint 2010 is an enterprise solution on offer from Microsoft at a defining time of the web era. For both enterprise and web, it has acted as a robust platform for business collaboration, giving the mileage for a long run with additional multi-dimensional features. The 6 primary areas that define the success of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 can be listed as bellow.

Six reasons for loving Microsoft SharePoint 2010

1. Adding value to the production system by building a bridge between people and process:

The power of creation lies in the presence of user-friendly tool and supporting features. SharePoint 2010 offers people with such a platform which offers all such flexibility while creating a site. This simplifies the process as well helps to implement innovation more effectively. The integration of Microsoft Office 2010 is really top-notch with that of Microsoft SharePoint 2010; this prompts more people to align with it as they get to use familiar set of tool in this environment.

 2. Cost-effective and we all need that:

Bringing together under one roof is what we all call a desired solution should look like. This has exactly been delivered hot in the plate of SharePoint 2010. The infrastructure has been unified for cutting on the expenses; this has lead to no training requirement whatsoever. This has prompted to high production as a lesser investment which is every organizations dream.  

3. Customization is the heart:

Tailor-made solutions for every business need and prompt reply while developing robust solutions and implementing them for end users is what has made developers fall in love with it. Microsoft has in its kitty array of tools for Custom SharePoint development that can be integrated with the running process and data structure.

4. "People Search" function:

This is the ultimate resource finding tool. When someone is looking for a certain kind of skill in an organization, then this come in their mind while using SharePoint 2010. This lets them find the apt person for a particular kind of task. Most of the companies use this feature in their website under the heading of ‘Expert Connect’.

5. Mobile Access:

If someone wishes to use it remotely & manage it via mobile, that too is possible now. Applications are available for iPhone, iPad and Droid devices. One gets access to the complete platform staying in their comfort zone at any point of time. Business does not wait so why should implementation!

6. Social-ready:

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is devised to render every business the opportunity to be relevant with respect to the social communication. There are enough plug-ins and in-built add-ons to make social media engagement easy for the business.

Are these the only reason? NO there are more

Why do we pay a developer for creating our sites? The answer is simple they have the capacity and know-how to understand the environment on which the process has to be implemented. SharePoint 2010 is the first name which made business owners takes a sigh of relief as they too can now have a control in the SDLC while the developer is doing their work. This has been due to the fact that SharePoint 2010 is uncomplicated and meant for the understanding of any person. While in the top end of the ladder of organizational hierarchy one needs to take decisions promptly, this requires availability of information or data entering and leaving the company. SharePoint gives a person the ultimate command through which this can be attained. Not just this, the data’s are processed for showing projected results in various scenarios.

Sharepoint 2010 Developer

The information can be shared through many doors using SharePoint 2010 via a single source. User engagement materials such as Blogs, wiki, articles and web pages can be developed by its usage.


Sharepoint 2010 Developer

Sharepoint Developer 2010

Professional Sharepoint 2010 Development

Author: Geeta

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