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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Application

calender 19 Oct 2021

“Do you know about the common mistakes of React Native? If no, then read the blog to know common mistakes to avoid when development a React Native application.”

React Native is one of the most common cross-platform application development frameworks that enables a developer to develop first-class, cost-effective applications.  The benefit of using the React Native framework is that it allows you to reuse a particular code, allowing developers to use the same code base with an asymmetric user experience to develop iOS and Android applications.

According to most developers, React Native is one of the most volatile and impressive platforms, as it not only improves the pace of the development process, but also reduces the overall cost of development. This implies that a single code base can be used simultaneously on both iOS and Android or any other platform. 

Mistakes to Avoid During React Native Application Development

These are some of the most common mistakes an application developer can make when developing an application with React Native.

Wrong Estimate

One of the primary goals of adopting React Native has been to reuse the code. Native developers, on the other hand, often make the mistake of ignoring the fact that an app's page layout for the Android and iOS platforms can differ dramatically. Lack of knowledge and understanding of design concepts and format standards leads to inaccurate (incorrect) estimates on Android and iOS platforms.

Avoid writing a Unit Test

Working without unit testing is a big React Native app development mistake. This is because the developed application can still work regardless of whether you write test units or not. But it's a gamble where you only find the result once you launch your app for clients. Therefore, instead of leaving the fate of your application at the mercy of the users, it is better to test its functionality before launching the product to the market.

Writing unit tests will reduce unnecessary drama caused at app launch time. This not only makes the development process easier, but also increases the reputation of your app. A well-documented unit test will allow developers to access different parts of the applications separately. Therefore, always test each item at the correct stage to ensure trouble-free operation. Application developers can also catch the bug at an early stage and correct it without disturbing the entire development process.

Incorrect Preparation for Redux Store

Redux is a flexible technology that helps in the efficient management of an application. It also allows you to accurately save the data collected by the application. Redux is one of the popular framework for dealing with larger projects. However, you must prepare it properly to avoid difficulties. Increased use of Redux can also increase the amount of workload. While it may sound good for large applications and initiatives, it is not ideal for small applications and businesses. Why is this the case? That's because Redux requires you to create long complicated code for even the simplest changes. If you have React Native app ideas for your small business, it's best not to use Redux.

Coding Practices

Another addition to the bugs of the React Native application is the incorrect use of its main practices. If the best practices of React Native are not used correctly and wisely, it can affect the development process at a huge level. This error can be taken to the next level if applications are expanded in the future.

This is very common mistake React Native developers make, especially when there are so many changes to make. In addition to this, the requirement is very important when it comes to writing thousands of lines of code. The best solution is to plan each step so that the encoding achieves the desired result and follows the best practices of React Native.

Not Reading the Codes of the External Modules

It is common for developers to save time through extraneous modules. It makes things faster and easier, especially since they come with documentation. But most of the time, the modules are broken or may not work as expected. This is why developers should read the code and treat the step as one of React Native best practices. Doing so helps to know what is wrong with the module and even how it can be fixed.

Leave Log Statements in the Application

When developing a React Native application, a developer can use console registration statements. This helps to debug the application and ensure that you do not have problems during the executive stage of the application. However, you must remove the registration statement before continuing.

Developers often forget to remove log statements from the console. This can cause a serious problem. This is especially the case when your application contains both rendering and logic methods. If so, the console log statement may end up becoming a bottleneck for the JavaScript thread.

Not Optimize the React Native Images

Image optimization is one of the most popular React native app development mistakes. Non-optimized images degrade application performance. Typically, a large part of the concentration goes to the coding part, as mobile app developers overlook image optimization.

The reality is image optimization plays a crucial role in developing a lightweight app and should be at the top of the list to avoid degraded performance. It is a way to optimize the image and amplify the quality of the application.

Conclusive Thoughts

We hope this blog has helped you learn about the most common mistakes in React Native development so that you can be careful when getting started. Learning from mistakes is great, but it's even better if those mistakes aren't yours, right?

If you have a business looking to build your mobile app, please contact SynapseIndia. Our dedicated React Native developers and proven methodologies have worked tremendously well for our clients. Contact us today to build something awesome.


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