Core PHP Development Techniques Every Developer Should Follow

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Core PHP Development Techniques Every Developer Should Follow

The web development framework PHP is extensively employed by web developers to build robust web solutions. But the fact is that not every web developer knows the intricacies involved in the PHP web development process. Hence, there are few practices that all PHP developers should follow to create better web solutions. Not underestimating PHP upgrade, prioritizing password encryption, embracing OOP with PHP are some of these practices.

By Geeta

A server side scripting language, PHP is quite popular among developers owing to its broad set of features that enable developers across the globe deliver powerful web solutions. PHP renders writing dynamically generated pages quite simple besides allowing creation of web solutions that make a real difference. However, employing PHP may be troublesome for some developers who are just starting up. It should be understood that unless the best PHP techniques are employed, expecting cutting-edge web solutions is just a dream. Only a few developers engaged in PHP development in India actually know these techniques. Here, we bring for you the best practices in PHP development that you can follow for creating better web solutions.

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Never Underestimate PHP Upgrade - Proper modifications in any technology are necessary from time to time; similarly, PHP web development framework also undergoes upgrades as & when required. Newer versions of PHP have many performance improvements besides numerous feature additions that render it more useful for developers. Bug fixes and significant security improvements are a constant part of every upgrade. The new features can make your development life a lot easier. So, if you are a developer who is still unwilling to upgrade the PHP version, its a big mistake that you are doing.

Prioritize Password Encryption - Passwords have always been a matter of high sensitivity. Still, there are developers who make the fault of storing this sensitive data in database directly - and that too without employing any form of encryption. Leaving passwords in the database may cause serious issues later as there are hackers all prepared to crack the info anytime. To maintain better security measures, its recommended to store passwords safely using ways like MD2, MD4, MD5 etc. However, considering the ineffectiveness of public encryption algorithms at times, developers should create their own algorithm.

Embrace OOP with PHP - Object-oriented Programming or OOP was introduced in PHP 4 first; however, it was from PHP 5 that the major improvement started coming along. Procedure Oriented Programming has now to become a thing of the past as conditions now demand to get Object-oriented Programming with PHP. With this approach, you will experience higher level of flexibility besides shortened code lengths. Its not simply about code length but also keeping the code easily debuggable and more organized.

Avoid Deep Nesting - Not preventing deep nesting in your code can cause serious issues at the time when you go for debugging the code. It will also cause nightmares for people who plan to review your code. Deep nesting is indeed a poor programming practice leading to a more uglier code. So, its better to avoid unnecessary deep nesting by making logical use of conditions.


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