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Enterprise Mobile Apps: A Dawn in the Waiting!

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Enterprise Mobile Apps: A Dawn in the Waiting!

The mobility rendered by the mobile platforms is here and is expected to be the next big thing after internet. The business world is going to see a revival of sorts in its productivity through the implementation of the concept of enterprise-level mobile apps and the various scopes that the pertains to.

By Vikas

Enterprise mobility: What’s in the Name?

It can be referred as a collection of tools, procedures and technical power that makes the usage of mobile platform related names such as smartphone, tablets, wireless networks, etc for business development.  Keeping the process integrated at all times and offering the ability to access any part of it from anywhere has been the prime intention behind development of this concept namely enterprise mobility.  Every organization are now supporting cloud work environment as that is cost-effective, futuristic and enables the delivery model to be more agile.  

Under this concept employees are asked to stay connected with the project process from any point they desire via smartphone, tablets, etc and this does not depend on on-site and off-site preference. Costly workplace and office management has been even active behind the rise of this. Robust CRM based on cloud using this concept has been very much popular worldwide.

Few Facts Hinting at the Boom

The execution rate of any IT project has shown quite a progress in the speed part. A survey done in recent times shown that more than 72% of the IT professionals of the globe are ready to spend almost 20% of their company budget over enterprise mobile solution in 2014. This simply gives a clear idea about its popularity base among the reach niche operators.

According to another report by Xcube Labs, 67% of CIOs and IT professional’s belief that after 90’s internet it is enterprise mobility that is going to affect them the most.

The global market strength is quite good of this concept and is expected to touch $140 billion by 2020 as per Visage Mobility research. Samsung added a considerable part in this whole fact finding part and shared the information that 24% of consumers use a smartphone or tablet for handling their work primarily over any other gadget.

Business benefits, Aplenty!

There is quite a long list of advantages when someone thinks about using it in any business organization. In this piece of write-up focus have been kept over the prime parts.

1. Cloud integration becomes easy: One gets easier integration facility as everything is connected with the cloud. Also with cross-platform development standards any data can be accessed from anywhere and from any platform. 

2. Swift Deployment: Quite a lot of time gets saved in this process and one does not have to rely on going to workplace and web based applications. This ensures speedy project implementation.

3. Easy Support and update: In most of the cases client suffer from lack of communication and detachment of real project development environment due to lack to cloud. With enterprise mobility in the scene both these needs are duly sufficed with authority.

All these and many more reasons cited above render the clarity of choice to the IT industry – primarily the  mobile app industry – about the future that enterprise-level mobile app development paradigm has in store!


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Author: Vikas

The author has produced & edited several articles and related informative material for a range of genres including web design & development, software development, Internet marketing etc.  He likes to create informative content to educate readers regarding the current tech trends while remaining engaged in a host of online promotional activities for his organization.