Impact of Evolving Technology on Leadership

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Impact of Evolving Technology on Leadership

Evolving technology has significant impact on the role of leaders. It has become inevitable to deploy technology into leadership. World is changing rapidly and in order to match its pace, it has become essential to adapt to the changes. A good leader knows this and do his best to mould his strategies as per the time\'s need.

By Surbhi Vats

Technology is evolving at a fast pace and is touching almost every aspect of business. Its adoption into leadership is not surprising, infact, embracing technology has become the need of the hour. In today’s competitive business environment, it has become critical to accept changes instead of grappling with it. Indeed, technology has surpassed all the confinements and has become a major factor behind the success and growth of every business. No matter what the size of the company, technology can be seen happily waving at us from all corners. 

Innovation has not given freedom to employees of working easily but has additionally empowered pioneers to manage from a distance. 

With the assistance of technology, leaders can see the number of tasks achieved by colleagues progressively. It likewise assists them with conveying any adjustment of the assignments they are doing regardless of where they are. 

It has acquired a lot of impact on the manner in which pioneers communicate and manage their workers.

How Technology is Impacting Leadership?

The use of the latest technology has made it simple for managers to lead employees and track organization’s growth. Let’s understand how technology is benefiting leaders around the globe.

Give Flexibility to Employees

Remote working has become the new normal. The present innovation has made it feasible for groups across geographical limits to finish projects without being clustered in a similar office room. 

With innovation, leaders can work with a cooperative workplace to a loyal worker who is focused on delivering the best to the association and simultaneously needs the freedom to work from any location other than the office. 

This feeling of freedom leaves an employee fulfilled as well as persuades that person to work all the more effectively because of increased convenience. 

Additionally, the association benefits from a worker working at a distance as working costs descend. 

Instead of losing a skilled worker to a competitor, it is ideal to give him that space that he longs for and get the best of his abilities.

Ability to Manage in Real-Time

Innovation has brought forth more communicable tools than any other time. With the utilization of the right tools, you can see the quantity of assignments being achieved by your team in real-time. 

This assists you steer your leadership skills in the right direction. 

Regardless of where you will be, you can without much of a worry can ask for reports and make important decisions. 

You can sort out team meetings through video conferencing tools like Google Hangouts, Teams, Skype. 

Accordingly, innovation not just gives you the freedom to work from anyplace on the globe but also makes your presence felt in any event.

Automating Management

The advancing technology can save a lot of time for pioneers as they can automate a number of tasks. 

With the utilization of artificial intelligence voice associates, they should rest assured not to miss any significant meeting and will be saved from the strain of recalling trivial but significant details. 

With automation, they can achieve a more prominent number of tasks quicker than expected. With the right use of data, examination, and artificial intelligence they can undoubtedly automate the decision-making process. 

Utilizing different technological tools, they can enhance business cycles and activities for further developed business results.


The effect of technology on leadership is significant and the advantages are quite a large number. In any case, one thing that remains a challenge for every one of the pioneers across the world is to use the right technology at the right time and in the right ways. 

The aim should be to apply innovation to the right tasks and decrease the requirement for human exertion. 

The utilization of technology ought to further develop human association rather than outrightly replace it. It ought to bring about better results as far as decision-making and people management is concerned.


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Author: Surbhi Vats

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