From Trains to Tweets : 171 Years of Technology in Travel Industry

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From Trains to Tweets : 171 Years of Technology in Travel Industry

Every social channel is now targeted to promote a campaign for their tours, hotels or itenary packages by the travel industry. Platforms like Foursquare, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Vine are making the travellers travel album in a more sophesticated pattern.

By Jitendra


From the time when technology met travel industry till today, a lot has changed over this 171 years of handshake. New methods of ticket booking, en-route compass, automatic engines for better time effectiveness and a lot more to mention.
This infographic depicts a timeline of the travel industry from the steam engine to foursquare hotel checkin, we tried to collect all the major developments and changes brought in travelling.

It will not be a hyperbola, if we say that technology is helping the travel industry sell more and improve the customer experience in today's era. 


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Author: Jitendra

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