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How Agile Methodologies help Increase Productivity of Your Software Development Project

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How Agile Methodologies help Increase Productivity of Your Software Development Project

Agile approach definitely boost your project productivity as it keeps you on the controlling seat of project development lifecycle. Hence it becomes easy to size down the production costs while boosting the productivity. Moreover, using this approach, you create a software product that is adequately tested & evaluated and becomes a success in market.

By Jitendra

Agile development is not a set of concrete steps or a pre-determined process in the general way of defining; it’s a cluster of various agile processes coming together. These comprises of Scrum, XP, Crystal, FDD, lean practices and DSDM…

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In the world of software development there is traditional and then there is Agile. The name itself suggests the approach path. This has been formulated to find an option of traditional project management system.  Business is not always a joy ride and unpredictable things keep coming owner’s way. Thus, to make sure the software development too has the elasticity to cope up with unpredictable responses; agile way of software development came into reality. DDJ had done a project survey in the year 2007 which it was found out that the success rate of any particular project using agile way is 72%, whereas for traditional, data warehouse and offshore is 63%, 63% and 43% respectively. Another survey revealed that the successful project completion percentage using agile is 42%, whereas with waterfall that is only 14%. All these have been the guardian decision maker behind the usage of agile approach in the SDLC of any software development company India.

Agile Approach in the SDLC

Being Agile Equals to Boost in the Productivity of a Project

Optimizing any process for generating maximum productivity is the goal of any person related to implementation. The process chosen by agile approach keep one always on the monitoring seat of project development lifecycle. This makes it easier to amalgam new ideas in the flow of the project if called for making the whole software using experience more robust. This is made sure through routine basis cadences of task, those are known as sprints. Once each one of these is completed the development team has to deliver the product portion meant for that sprints delivery. Companies offering Software Development Services India religiously follows this approach as this not just ensures quality checking in every phase, but gives the client and development team time to sit together for doing the right evaluation of project completeness and offers scope of new feature addition if needed.  The one thing that gets benefitted from all these is the efficiency of the software. 

The waterfall has no scope whatsoever to rectify any issue as it has to be delivered in one go on a fixed schedule without any segregated milestones. The scope of reevaluation comes with agile approach and this makes all the aspects if software starting from design, functionality to usability flawless. This in the long run adds to the productivity of your software development project.

The production cost gets sized down to quite a massive level with the following of this “examine-and-adapt” approach. Often it is observed that those companies which does not follow agile way starts the development process and research project at the same time. This crumples the speed of the execution as research and information collecting needs to be done early and then the development part need to be initiated to avoid project paralyses.  Agile methodology approach helps one create a product that is meant for market success and not just for keeping in archive.


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Agile Approach in the SDLC

Author: Jitendra

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