How Cloud storage is boosting the e-commerce industry?

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How Cloud storage is boosting the e-commerce industry?

Cloud storage has made a strong impact over the e-commerce industry as it allows business owners to pay-as-they-go. Among the several benefits of shifting to Cloud, improved business reliability, stronger security with data encryption & other features etc., are some that hold paramount importance.

By Geeta

E-commerce industry analysts predict that within the next ten years, more than 80% of all computing, data storage and e-commerce will get shifted to the Cloud! This will be the final phase of evolution of web 3.0 era. By the year 2020, there will be more than 100 billion devices and sensors connected with these data centers based at Cloud. The personal computer experience will be something from Stone Age with the number dropping down to 1.4 billion. People are getting more attached with the Smartphone and tablet experience and making the most of their e-commerce activity on the move. As this write-up is focused over the impact of Cloud storage over e-commerce, much of the points here are discussed from the point of view of that.

The change in user behavior

Change in the user behavior is the first thing which makes the people associated with e-commerce industry think. When the social media revolution came, all business owners were taking their baby steps into various social media platforms with the aim of user engagement and brand loyalty building. The whole marketing approach has to be redefined and push marketing was literally dead.

After that, the device usage taste changed altogether and there were more mobile users than desktop for e-commerce industry. With this a reality, everything was turned into responsive primarily and tailor made for buyers who take decisions on the move. The new tide of Cloud storage or computing is expected to again reshape the whole approach of e-commerce industry toward buyers. If you are thinking about starting your own venture and looking to hire an e-commerce developer in few months, the best approach would be to look for someone who is knowledgeable about the Cloud storage and e-commerce connection. This is going to change the way buyers, suppliers and vendors connect with each other in any e-commerce platform now.

All about the Cloud service

Cloud computing or storage is a term which has been lately impressing every tier of people associated with Information technology industry. Defining it in simple language would mean to take all the data centers & application service to a Cloud environment which would be remote. For keeping all the data in Cloud, the business owners would be paying-as-they-go. This would cut down all the added expenditure of data maintenance and security. According to a research done by IDC in June 2010, the worldwide public IT Cloud service spending is expected to be $55.5 Billion in 2014, out of which 13% will go for storage purpose only. 

Benefits to e-commerce

There are major areas in which the benefits of shifting to Cloud would be visible. Let’s highlight some of the major ones here.

1. Building Trust: In the e-commerce industry, most of the sale is generated due to quality and trust. For building trust, a considerable amount of time is required. With Cloud storage in the picture, companies can show their customers that they are using Cloud platform of the world’s best namely Google, Amazon, etc., and this will considerably add to the revenue generation.
2. Fast and affordable: The moment you shift to Cloud, 80% of the cost for running e-commerce business with in-house hardware and bandwidth is no more needed. Along with that, you get fast execution than before.
3. Secure: The security aspect becomes stronger with data encryption, biometric screening and other high-end features coming to picture.


The journey has begun already and those who are taking fast stride towards their Cloud future will be in an advantageous position. From engaging buyers and retaining them to adding value to business, everything will be served in a single plate.


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Author: Geeta

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