How Javascript is Scripting the Future of Software Development

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How Javascript is Scripting the Future of Software Development

Javascript has been associated with creating enhanced user experience and can truly be the future of software development. There are a number of reasons for its sheer popularity. Highly advantageous for beginners, its the only client-side scripting language being extensively used by most organizations for internal developments.

By Geeta

A website is build over scripts using a language, but without any life in it, no one fancies it. Javascript is the language which turns a site interactive and gives it life in the real sense. In the initial days, not much importance was given to Javascript by developers as it was more associated with creating user experience and in no way was similar to other scripting languages like Python, Ruby, etc.

But, with the passage of time, business owners understood the importance of user engagement and hence Javascript got the respect it deserved. At that point of time, it was the only option for creating alluring UX. Now if a developer wants, he can use Javascript as a server-side language and for that he just has to use it with a framework named Node.js. The software industry has been much benefited by Javascript as suggested by GitHub. In the year 2013, Javascript was the most used language, leaving Ruby, Java, PHP, and Python behind.

Javascript is the #1 most-used language on GitHub. Take a look at the graph below.

Reasons for Popularity

Software development in India has been always known for its quality. Javascript is a major scripting language which is used in most of the organizations for internal developments. There are several reasons due to which it has maintained its distinctive edge. Firstly, it is the one and only client-side scripting language. Thus, it’s in almost every website of the world. 

As this language runs in browser, a person thinking about using it just needs a text editor and browser to open the same. For beginners, this is highly advantageous. The latest development in regard to making Javascript more developer friendly is CoffeeScript. It has kept the essence of Javascript alive and given it a feel of Ruby or Python.

Its Performance Benefits

The list would be quite long if all the execution scopes of Javascript are to be listed here. To begin with, one can develop a complete site with it by just using Node.js and MongoDB. It goes well with big data concept as Node.js is asynchronous making it scalable.

Sending emails from this platform would be almost 10 times faster than that with PHP. Also, this is the only language which can be used in both front & back end simultaneously. Not to forget all the animations and interactive things in a website are the perks of it.

Is it the future of scripting?

People often wrongly comment that flash has been put to coma by HTML5; its Javascript actually which has done so. In all the places where earlier there was the need of flash element, Javascript has covered the grounds.  No third party plugins have to be downloaded to view things in browser with it. This has added a new dimension to user experience. With multiple highlights, Javascript has great chances of making it big as a programming language as its compliance with names like JSON and MongoDB would take it miles ahead.


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Author: Geeta

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