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How To Build and Test the RESTful APIs Using Laravel Framework

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How To Build and Test the RESTful APIs Using Laravel Framework

Laravel is a PHP Framework, provides high-quality web development solutions because of its modular programming. It offers simple API integration that will make software delivery timely and cost-effective.

By Vikas

RESTful API can be used effectively to develop a powerful communicative interface between your business data and your prospective audience. This framework is designed by Taylor Otwell and specially launched to enhance the efficiency of a developer by favoring convention over configuration. Laravel framework is integrated with various outstanding features and innovative ideas to cater the advanced web development solution like job queues, API authentication, real-time communication, and much more.


Here, we are sharing the finest ways to build and test a robust API using Laravel with authentication:


First of all, you need to understand what is RESTful API. REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer and is an architectural style for network communication between applications, which is based on a stateless protocol, “HTTP” for interaction.

HTTP Verbs Represent Actions

Usually, professionals use the HTTP verbs as actions in the RESTful APIs and the endpoints are the resources acted upon. We can be used the HTTP verbs in a semantic way:

  • GET: retrieve resources
  • POST: create resources
  • PUT: update resources
  • DELETE: delete resources

PUT vs. POST Updated Action: There are an endless debate and innumerable opinions on whether is best to update your program with POST, PATCH, or PUT or if the create action is good. Here, we will be using PUT for the update activity, because as per the HTTP RFC, PUT signifies to create or update a resource at a specific location.

Consistency Note: The main lucrative benefits of using a set of conventions like REST is that your API will be truly easier in order to consume and develop around. Some endpoints are truly painless and therefore your API will become much easier in order to use and maintain as opposed to having endpoints such as GET /get_article?id_article=12 and POST /delete_article?number=40.

Sometimes, it might be possible you need to put additional efforts to map to a Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete schema. Additionally, keep two things in your mind, the URLs should not consist verbs and it is not mandatory to execute every action for every resource.

Setting Up Your Project: All the modern PHP frameworks require a composer to effectively install and manage your dependencies. After that, you need to follow the download instructions carefully in order to install Laravel framework using the command:

$ composer global require laravel/installer

Once the installation completed, you can scaffold a new application like this:

$ laravel new myapp

To execute the above command effectively, you need to have ~/composer/vendor/bin in your $PATH. But, if you don’t have, then no worry, you can also develop a new project in a real-time using Composer:

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel myapp

With Laravel installed, you can test the server and check that everything is working well.


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Author: Vikas

The author has produced & edited several articles and related informative material for a range of genres including web design & development, software development, Internet marketing etc.  He likes to create informative content to educate readers regarding the current tech trends while remaining engaged in a host of online promotional activities for his organization.