Impact of soon to-be launched Social Listening on Dynamics CRM Online customers

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Impact of soon to-be launched Social Listening on Dynamics CRM Online customers

Microsofts Social Listening tool combines all social elements like Facebook Insights, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn etc, together. This useful tool will allow firms know the latest happenings across social media to track the current trends and take suitable actions favoring their business. It will have a positive overall impact as businesses will find social media engagements more efficient than before besides being able to know uses perceptions better.

By Geeta

Social media may be quite complicated to navigate. It may take you many days to pull pieces like Facebook Insights, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn, YouTube statistics, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr etc., together. So, Microsoft combined all these social elements together under its Social Listening tool created by their Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer.

Microsoft announced recently that Social Listening & Analysis will be included under Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2014 release. It will enable companies of all sizes be aware of the happenings across social media, that they can further analyze to track the current trends, identify advocates and take suitable actions.


Reasons Why  Dynamics CRM  Social Listening will be Better...

1. Local Sentiments Analysis : Translation of messages is often a hard task. However, Dynamics CRM Social Listening is done in 5 native languages. It monitors mentions of brands on social media and then uses natural language processing to analyze the data and determine the sentiments being expressed.
2. Optimum Availability : Social Listening will not be limited to Dynamics CRM's marketing users; rather it will be available for different teams within the same company. Isn't that great ?

3. No Additional Cost : Dynamics CRM online users will get Social Listening at no extra charge, thus ensuring enhanced value at the same price for users.

What Will Be the Impact ?

The professional listening tool from Microsoft for its Dynamics CRM customers will have a positive impact for businesses of all sizes. Following points will clarify its impact -

1. More Efficient Social Media Engagements : As Dynamics CRM Social Listening will pool different social elements together, your social media engagements will turn out to be more efficient and effective. With this, you will get a comprehensive social media picture, thus relieving you of the trouble of analyzing one channel at a time.

2. Get Better Understanding of Customers : Tracking products, competitors, brands and campaigns in real time proves useful for business of all sizes. With Dynamics CRM Social Listening, you get a robust tool for tracking all of these, thus allowing you to understand your customers and your online business in a better way.

3. Monitoring Perceptions : You will always want to know user's perceptions about your product & service offerings. Dynamics CRM Social Listening allows you to not only monitor perceptions but also identify the possible opportunities for engagement.


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