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Integration of Push Notification Services In Your Mobile App Can Increase Your Business ROI

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Integration of Push Notification Services In Your Mobile App Can Increase Your Business ROI

Integration of push notification service to your mobile app is truly a vital approach to provide the most relevant data to your prospective customers. It has also great potential to increase brand awareness and business ROI.

By Geeta

In the present digital era, mobile app development is in trend to market every business quickly. Push notifications have turned into a powerful tool and provide merchants a great opportunity to increase the users’ engagement with their business-oriented mobile app. Across the globe, all market leaders, as well as startups, are highly interested in implementing this feature in their mobile apps. The main objective of push notification feature is to keep the prospective customers in touch with the most relevant information of the business. It ensures real-time delivery of relevant information even if the mobile apps are running in the background.

Push Notification Services

Push Notification Services are available for all the mobile app development platforms. Developers have great choice to select one of the best services to implement push notifications, but they differ on the basis of a chosen mobile platform.


Android Services for Push Notifications

If you want to build an Android app, then Google Cloud Messaging services (GCM) will be the best bet. It can be used as a data transmitter from a server to Android device and vice versa. It is 100% free and easily accessible for all.

CCS (Cloud Connection Server) provides push notification service for all Android devices. Every Android-based device is connected with GCM server with the great support of an ID transmitted to the sender. Once the connection is established, a unique ID is sent to Android device. Thereafter, the Android device will send a registration ID back to the server and stored in the main database.

iOS Services for Push Notifications

There is no considerable difference between iOS and Android notifications. Here are the steps to handle Push Notification services on iOS devices:

  • Transfer short notifications and messages
  • Play sound and set badges on app icons.

It offers a great choice to use all options simultaneously or only some of them as per your need.

Here is a handy guide on how to incorporate push notification feature in your iOS app:

  • Initially, APNS receives a token request from an iOS device (Token is normally used as an address to get push notification).
  • After that, a server receives tokens from the iOS device and send a push notification along with a token directly to APNS.
  • APNS transmits a push notification directly to the iOS user.

Businesses who are able to integrate push notification services to their app will enjoy accelerating business ROI and customer engagement in the long run. You should hire mobile app developer from the reputed app development company to integrate the push notification services in your mobile app and develop a great opportunity to boost your sales conversion effectively.


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Author: Geeta

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