Introduction of New Features in ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2

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Introduction of New Features in ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2

Massive efforts to get class library authors to move to the next phase of PCL are clearly seen in the latest update of ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2. The changes and customizations will prove to be beneficial in hassel free & faster booting of your applications.

By Geeta

What's extraordinary in ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2? Why is RC2 taking so long in comparison to RC1? Introduction of new features in ASP.NET website development India is quite impressive and powerful, so the TL;DR version of this is "the guts are changing for the improvement and it's taking longer than we expect it would to swap out the guts."

Re-plat on top of the .NET Common Language Infrastructure

This is really challenging and expecting in the vast platform of ASP.NET development. There are some significant changes and customization made to the hosting model to support this. These steps are very helpful to boot your applications faster and hassle free. Some of the modifications are minor but imperative. Here is the list of some fundamental things that are highly affected by this crucial move:

1. Acquisition:

    • How do you get the perfect set of tool chain and shared runtime?

 2. Runtime:

    • The API is utilized to search out dependencies at runtime ILibraryManager
    • The API is utilized to search out compilation assemblies at runtime ILibraryExporter

3. Tooling:

    • There's no need of dnvm replacement
    • OmniSharp needs to use the new CLI
    • Visual Studio Tooling (UI) support needs to use the new CLI

4. Themes:

    • ASP.NET Core RC2 has some high level themes

 Great Move towards .Net standard

After the long period of time, a huge effort is put in, and moves to the next phase of PCL. This is really tough to get everything perfect so that everyone can get their desired packages that perfectly works on .NET environment, and as such, working everywhere.

Power of Fundamentals - Stress, Security, Performance

Some processes are always ongoing, but now most of the features are updated, and you will get a lot of time to spend on making things like Kestrel (the web/app server) robust and secure. Professionals are also introducing effective features and ensure the stack is stable, reliable and bug free.

Additional Advantages 

ASP.NET professionals are still working on multiple segments to make sure things stable and demanding. Tweaks are one of them that does not affect consuming code, others are real design changes that impact API. MVC is receiving thousands of appreciation in this area, HttpAbstractions and other extreme level APIs are also getting good responses and make sure minimum allocations for things like file upload.



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Author: Geeta

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