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Magento Extensions Now on Amazon!

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Magento Extensions Now on Amazon!

Magento acquires around 26% of the current market share of e-commerce platforms. There was a need for associating Magento with the very popular Amazon since a long time and the arrival of Magento extension for Amazon web store development has come as the perfect solution for the same. Availability of this extension has made the work for merchants a lot easier as any change made in Magento store gets replicated in your Amazon store accordingly.

By Vikas

Amazon is the name that had allured web merchants for over a decade now. With their vast web presence and mass outreach capacity any products is poised for a great sale on Amazon! For keeping the process smooth, various modules and extensions help the business owners to control and integrate their web stores with that of Amazon’s. In the ecommerce industry there are many names such as Prestashop, Zencart and Magento among which the last one is having almost 26% of the whole market share, but until today there was no extension available for associating Amazon web store with a Magento ecommerce portal.


Magento Ecommerce Portal

Due to this, a very major part of the industry was struggling for a solution and that was taking quite a deal of time for keeping the shape of both stores toned.  But, now is the time for celebration with the arrival of Magento extension for Amazon web store development.

What’s the deal all about?

Selling product on Amazon calls for updating product stock, price and downloading new orders along with many others. Prior to the arrival of this extension store owners using Magento had to simultaneously do all these sets of work for both their Amazon store and ecommerce store. This extension for Amazon helps one sell products staying within their Magento ecommerce portal admin panel. No other software or tool is needed for completing the task.

Amazon Integration for Magento

There are tons of benefits that come with this integration.  Using this primarily you cut your work load half as now everything that you do in your Magento store simply gets replicated in your Amazon store and you don’t have to do the same thing twice.  One can upload products, prices and download Amazon orders staying in the comfort of Magento store. In addition to that shipping confirmation can be send to Amazon and it also supports complete sales history of all the Amazon orders in the Magento based store.

Is it better from a free extension by M2E?

Its better simply because one does not have to configure all the parts like that with M2E as the extension already has integrated feature to handle all in the list of store management.

Let’s look over the Deal in more Detail with all offerings

Products management: The display of products is finely tuned. Everything related to a product management are available over there starting from status, availability, price, edit and update. For creating or uploading a product an EAN code is put in the product sheet which gets synced in the Amazon store front-end.

Regular Product Stock and Price Updating: The price and stock of any product keeps in refreshing every hour once inside the store. One can custom set price for any particular market too as per his business strategy.  This integration allows one to even go to the length of defining delivery date.

Hassle-free Import of order: Every new order gets automatically imported to Magento admin panel. One can control the shipment of these orders along with any other kind staying in a single space.

Shipping part: Whenever a shipment is generated in Magento end a confirmation and tracking ID is sent to Amazon store and also an email is forwarded towards the customer with all the details.

Other features: Availability of Debug mode and generation of Sales statistics adds to the list. Also, it has the capacity to handle configurable items like electronic gadgets, garments, etc. Multiple accounts and multiple country compliance are just few more of the exciting USPs.


Magento ecommerce portal

Magento Extension for Amazon Web Store

Amazon Integration for Magento

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Author: Vikas

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