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Running an Ecommerce Business : Which is the Right Shopping Cart Software?

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Running an Ecommerce Business : Which is the Right Shopping Cart Software?

Truly, the success of your e-commerce venture depends on the effectiveness of the used shopping cart software, besides the quality of the offered products. Such software turns the complex task of managing online store activities into a simple one requiring no expertise. Various e-commerce software like Virtuemart, Magento, Prestashop, Os commerce, ZenCart etc., are available these days that offer a host of benefits to easily manage your online store.

By Geeta

If you own an e-commerce business, having the right software at the helm of affairs may very well determine the success and failure of your endeavor. Here comes the role of e-commerce shopping cart software. It is a powerful tool that drives an online shopping site – usually involving a list of complex activities and security measures. Whether you are an SME or already a full-scale business with wide presence and a varied list of service/product possibilities, you will find excellent e-commerce software that will help in increasing the sales. Let's take a look at the various aspects of such a software -

Product Management Becomes Easy

Use of e-commerce software has marked valuable impact on product sales for businesses from across almost everywhere. Business owners can easily manage their products. While there are lots of templates available online that can be easily integrated into the website to render the required effectiveness, a customized e-commerce software is the tool that renders individuality to the steps pertaining to management of products/services of the business.
Add Scalability to Business

By bringing your business online, you enjoy an exciting opportunity to reach out to a group of users scaling barriers of geography and time. And yes, an online identity offers numerous ways of advertising your business. But if you are into e-commerce, integrating a shopping cart solution or a comprehensive software will boost your business efficiency – not just to stay within reach of many but also in being a shop front, a virtual product/service outlet.

SEO to Take you to the Top

With easy to integrate SEO features, an e-commerce software-run business becomes all that it can aspire to. Having them all that are in demand and being known for what all it can offer! Better Search Engine rankings will only mean a better avenue for more sales and branding.

Manage Web Content with Built-in Content Management

Nowadays, most of the e-commerce solution providers offer in-built content management system that allows creating and editing contents – product or service categories and the related items that may be. All kinds of contents related services like surveys, text banners, pages, contact forms, web content, client testimonials etc., can be managed easily.

Secured Transaction Process

To become trustworthy seller, it is important to ensure complete security over the transactions taking place over your website. Clients trust will be built up only if they get access to a secure payment gateway solution. Choose a software solution that supports maximum payment gateway solution and addresses payment flexibility.

PCI Compliant

When a customer makes any payment, e-commerce system normally stores the transaction information. Hence, it is important to render complete security with client database. Popular e-commerce software possess Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI Compliance certificate that ensure safety of the transaction.

Sell Product Online

Now you can easily manage your website and boost your business online. Work with ease and gain full control of the business. Whether you own products or services outlet, you will be able to control your website with ease.

Major e-commerce Software to Consider

Following is a list of few popular e-commerce Shopping Cart platforms that one can make use of. And yes, there are many options in terms of getting a customized e-commerce software as well. The choice is wide.

  • Virtuemart:- Virtuemart is Joomla component that has grown up as the powerful shopping cart.
  • Magento:- Magento is known as open source platform that relies on latest web technologies to address customer needs by providing with a convenient source of shopping.
  • Prestashop:-  This is a free software tool available in the market that can be customized according to the customer requirements.
  • Os commerce:-  This is a trustworthy solution available to prepare a reliable platform for your customers. It will provide with cache options along with free CDN and multiple locations for installing server.
  • ZenCart:-  ZenCart is powerful shopping cart software known for its best performance and high security platform. It is fast, safe and reliable.
  • WP-e-commerce:-  If you look for security and reliability, then WordPress software fits your needs. Their experts will support you with all WordPress related issues.
  • WooCommerce:- A good standard tool meeting demand of all types of business needs.


Life’s exciting in the world of e-commerce. If you have been looking for e-commerce software, hope the above elaboration renders a brief about the essential points to take care of. After this, all you need is to get in touch with an expert in the domain of e-commerce software development and integration!


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Author: Geeta

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