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SynapseIndia extends unmatched maintenance services

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SynapseIndia extends unmatched maintenance services

Clients are offered technical assistance from our experts for a defined period of time.

By Nilesh

Client satisfaction has always been a primary focus at SynapseIndia. All our workflows and services are designed around the motto of constantly delivering the most desired service quality.  In keeping with that goal, the company designed the software development lifecycle (SDLC) in a client-oriented manner. 

SDLC comprises 6 stages, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance. In this blog, we'll focus on the final stage – maintenance.
The maintenance stage starts after successful testing and implementation. During this stage, the client is offered technical assistance from our experts for a defined period of time. This step makes sure that the clients receive seamless backend support while operating the solutions delivered by SynapseIndia.
The growing popularity of the DevOps (short for development and operations) practices have dramatically impacted the entire SDLC process – including maintenance, of course. DevOps is a concept focused on reducing the time between committing a change to a system and implementing that change in actual production. The concept connects software development with information technology operations.
The maintenance stage creates a window of opportunity to make an update or adapt to changes according to market conditions. Being a leading Indian IT company, SynapseIndia follows all the steps associated with SDLC. We stay absolutely committed to serving all our clients with industry-best development services.


SynapseIndia Maintenance Process

Author: Nilesh

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