Target Potential Customers through Mobile Commerce and Beat the Rivals

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Target Potential Customers through Mobile Commerce and Beat the Rivals

Increasing figures for mobile e-commerce traffic reveal the power of mobile that every online business must leverage. Online businesses need to target their potential customers via mobile e-commerce and there are a number of ways for doing the same like prioritizing potential customers, building a good business rapport, getting suitable app developed etc.

By Vikas

Since the year 2010, mobile's e-commerce traffic share figures have increased from 3.5% to 36.9%, and mobile revenue from $2 billion to $42 billion; which is a remarkable increase indeed. It would not be very wise for an online retailer to ignore the power of mobile. However, making the right start is crucial and it can be a bit tricky at times. There are few questions that you must get answers to in order to make the most out of the mobile e-commerce bandwagon. Following are the questions that may come up -

  • Whether the focus of your strategy should be the online presence of your online store or you should consider it simply as a bonus
  • What channels should you make use of to have a better reach to customers

Methods to Target Potential Customers Via Mobile Commerce

1. Prioritize Potential Customers

In mobile commerce, you not only need to identify your target customers but also need to build your site based on their needs. If you want to fetch better sales for your e-commerce business, you need to prioritize the customers that are more likely to purchase from your store.

2. Build Trust, For Its Essential

Building trust with customers is very much essential and so you must build a good rapport of your business. Moreover, if you think of getting your customers buy from mobile, then the best place to start with is to have them make a purchase on desktop..
What's most important in this scenario is that shoppers won't embrace your mobile strategy in case you have failed to develop rapport with them. Its a fact that can also be linked to the success of email marketing campaigns.

Customers who make a purchase and don't unsubscribe themselves from the company's e-mail lists have actually gained faith in the company. Such customers are more likely to purchase from the same company using mobile as well. Mobile is growing through certain marketing channels with every passing day and you just need to look in the right place to outscore your rivals.

3. Look Out for All Crucial Spots

You can get a suitable app developed and then pitch frequent customers to download your app. With your app in mobile, customers can remain connected to your store all the time that boosts the chances of further sales. The current genre of customers does not browse their mobile aimlessly; rather they have a reason for it. They are browsing to make a purchase, probably responding to one of your e-mails that reminds them of an incomplete purchase that they left in a hurry.

You need to look for all such little yet crucial spots that can provide you a better ROI besides working with your mobile strategy. If you want to get a fair idea of the browsing preferences of Smartphone shoppers, you can take a look at the disparity between the average browsing time of a user on a desktop (3:39 minutes) and a Smartphone (2:13 minutes).


Target Potential Customers Through Mobile Commerce

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Author: Vikas

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