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The Role of Android App Developers in Mobile App Development

calender 27 Jul 2023

“Discover how Android app developers can help in the expansion and growth of your business by designing, developing, and troubleshooting complex business problems with innovative business solutions to reach a wider segment of customers.”

The Role of Android App Developers in Mobile App Development

The narrative of the growth of the Android industry is nothing short of a miracle that occurred in barely two decades. The Android industry has grown by a substantial percentage. And according to the latest report from Ericsson, the corresponding quantity of cell phone memberships overall surpasses six billion and is expected to also develop by a few hundred million in the following several years.

China, followed by India and the USA, are the countries with the highest number of cell phone users. It can be easily concluded that these numbers will go up by 2026. The reason for this unprecedented rise of the Android app development industry is the acumen of Android App developers, who, because of their excellency and knowledge of the Smart phone market, have supplied 1,366.14 million units in 2020 and are supposed to reach 1,556.67 million units by 2026.

Recording a CAGR of 1.69% for the projection period (2021–2026). Factors including increased disposable income, the evolution of telecom infrastructure, budget-centric mobile phones, and the growing number of product launches contribute to the growth of mobile app development.

Key industries have benefited from Android Mobile App development

The advent of mobile phones has transformed the business model, mode of operations, and markets in the 21st century. In the post-pandemic era, the global pandemic has strengthened the web development industry, allowing it to advance rapidly. In 2022, mobile app income is forecast to reach $693 billion.

You might be wondering what role developers play in growth. The answer is simple: they support businesses in self-improving and digitising their essential business processes. Historically, most organisations were heavily into manual documentation for crucial business details. If any accidental loss of documents causes the business to shut down soon, So, quite naturally, different business owners have realised the importance of mobile technology and how it can transform workflow

Banking and allied sectors

The new wave of Android application development technology solutions has transformed the banking sector across the globe. With advanced business-oriented features and an easy transaction process, Android apps specific to banks have transformed smartphones into functional personal banks for users, as with a few swipes they can create, update, and delete their details, and using a PIN through their banking app they can transfer money to different accounts through a secure payment gateway with excellent digital security.


Travel and tourism also benefit from mobile apps, as this industry heavily relies on customer segmentation. Additionally, it provides easy access to relevant data like locations to visit according to personal preference, trip details, booking hotels and cabs, and other customised details in a secured manner

Retail industries

The prevalence of Android applications has transformed the current commerce landscape. M-commerce has benefitted both customers and business owners differently. Mobile apps are providing customers with the ability to buy from anywhere, anytime, with virtual outlets, catalogues, offers and discounts, and different coupons. And helping businesses expand their customer base with excellent APIs, customer segmentation, and relevant details to formulate future business policies.

Key responsibilities of Android developers

An Android app developer has several responsibilities, from building apps to fixing bugs, updating, and customising them as and when required to ensure a smooth user experience and user friendliness. The duties of an Android app developer include:

Designing and creating advanced applications for the Android platform.

  • Using GitHub-like platforms that enable developers to easily collaborate with their community for downloading new versions of software, updating them, and uploading the newest versions.
  • Coordinating with cross-functional teams for defining, designing, and shipping new features
  • Discovering and observing how databases (MYSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.) work.
  • Fixing bugs in current and new applications.
  • Constantly exploring, examining, and executing new development tools.
  • Working with external data sources and APIs

Qualifications and Skills Required for Android developers

Recently, mobile application development firms have gained a lot of traction. The reason for this is a rapid rise in smartphone utilisation and the expansion of digitization. According to recent estimates, Android holds 74.3% of the mobile OS market share, making it the undisputed leader. The Google Play Store is home to around 2.87 million such apps, and every app is distinct and user-friendly in its own way. Thus, the acumen and skillset of a developer play a huge role in the success of any app on the Play Store. Here is a list of skills required to develop innovative Android apps.

Knowledge of Java and Kotlin

Proficiency in Java and Kotlin, along with familiarity with the latest updates and knowledge of the syntax and programming structure of these languages, is a game changer for Android app developers. The level of expertise determines the kind of features and functionalities the app will ultimately integrate

Technically sound

Having excellent knowledge of technology is vital for the success of any Android app, regardless of how creatively it is used. Additionally, to have good hands-on experience with the integration of technologies like AI, 5G, and blockchain to develop an app that stands out, one needs to have good knowledge of the design requirements of Android apps.

Expertise with cross-platform solutions

With the technological advancements taking place so fast, cross-platform solutions like React Native and Flutter help developers create applications that run on the iOS platform too. Recently, giant Google put in place Kotlin Multi-Platform to enable developers to transcend the Android app platform to develop amazing cross-platform solutions

Critical sense of UI/UX

Responsive and highly engaging applications that are easy to use create demand for intuitive UX and UI, making it even more important to design innovative and user-friendly interfaces to cater to the needs of a large chunk of consumers.

Critical thinking, the ability to research, and adaptability

The ability to understand ongoing marketing trends and competition analysis through research is essential to designing the applications that the market demands, along with catering to the needs of different businesses as per their business models. The kind of research conducted about the choices and preferences of users determines what kind of app would be created and the kind of experience it would deliver to users.

Finally, adaptability with different tools and technologies enables developers to design an innovative app with a smooth user interface.

Wrapping UP

The success of any business in the digital landscape lies in how precisely the M-app has been designed and implemented for the business. The rising demand for mobile applications holds a bright future for Android app development. As the Android operating system continues to grow in popularity, so too will the demand for Android app developers. Because it is no longer a secret that the success of the Google Play Store lies in the hands of developers! If you are also looking for a tailored mobile app for your business, get in touch with our experts at Synapse India immediately and get world-class development services for your business

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