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Top 5 Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software in 2021

There are quite a handful of platforms, both free and paid, that promises you ease of developing an ecommerce site. But which one should you prefer? Well, fret not! In this article we are talking about the best 5 shopping cart software you can consider before you ahead with the drill.

By Geeta

All the tricks and tips which are used in the ecommerce store development and business planning gets the ‘certificate’ of success in the form of conversion. This makes it crucial to have a cart which has the power to deliver the most. Cart plays a very decisive role in turning visitors into real time buyers. 

A real-time survey conducted by a private survey company reveals that 65% of occasional shoppers use cart for future shopping, and 52% frequent shoppers use it for same purpose. This simple fact shows that it is not just meant for instant purchase, but even used widely as wish list vault. It has been seen that in those ecommerce portals where the checkout process in simple and not stretched up to three to four steps the selling rate is quite healthy.

best shopping cart software

Also, just like an offline shopping store in our nearby market, checkout is the time for more prompted selling. Some of the biggest names in ecommerce industry makes use of this feature and adds a panel comprising of few small priced items with a tag like ‘you might want to buy these’.  All these steps ultimately lead to conversation and business generation. If you too are planning for an ecommerce software solutions support make no mistake in finding the best.

What one seeks in a shopping cart?

65.23% is the average shopping cart abandonment rate says Invesp. Just imagine the situation where one successfully makes all these people do successful checkout in their online store. This will add huge mileage to the business profit. There are certain points which make a user decide whether to proceed ahead with the checkout via cart or discard it.

Making sure that they get all they desire establishes the ground stone of a successful venture. 44% of users leave the cart just finding about the high shipping cost and this is considered most dreadful among all. 14% leaves for the absence of guest checkout option. 11% does not like complicated checkout process. All these functionality and planning part only gets implemented with fine names of ecommerce and so one must know them.

Shopping cart Magento

Top 5 ecommerce shopping cart software


With 11.93% of market share when it comes to shopping cart Magento is the ultimate name. This data has been revealed by builtwith and Measured. In between Sep 12 to Feb 13 it has seen a 5% overall growth rate in respect to user base. It has the highest number of extension of around 6400 among all ecommerce platforms. Customization wise this is the most favored name among business owners.


osCommerce covers 7.38% of market share regarding shopping cart and has its own line of exclusive offering. One gets the feasibility of starting his very own self-hosted online store and that too for free. The backend is really simple and the loading time is quite optimized.

Zen Cart:

Zen Cart is also a very popular name in this hood and comes free. It includes all the features for mass selling and store management. Best suited for PHP conversant developers! Rich community presence for interaction about the platform functionality and customization. 


In between Sep 12 to Feb 13 it has seen a 7% overall growth rate in respect to user base. In Google trends off late shopify is just behind Magento in the interest meter, and this tells about its growing popularity. It has huge number of cross platform themes along with CMS and integral blogging platform. 


OpenCart is known best for its search-engine friendliness and finely tuned interface. One can integrate more than twenty payment gateways using it.

This small list highlighting of some of the big names in the domain of shopping cart! With preceding information, the list with the specific strengths of each software/technology highlighted, will hopefully help you in deciding upon the best available option.


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Shopping cart Magento

Author: Geeta

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