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Top 5 Mac Apps for Bloggers

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Top 5 Mac Apps for Bloggers

Same platform, similar process can junk your psyche and you may find yourself within a boundary that can confine your hidden talents. But, as a professional blogger, if you would like to introduce yourself in a unique and extraordinary way, you have myriad of options.

By Geeta

Most of the bloggers nowadays are quite familiar with WordPress and continuously publish informative and engaging content for their regular readers. The same goes for Myspace and TypePad users. But, if you are feeling tired with these standard front ends, and would like to use other software for blogging or for personal enjoyment, there are myriad options available. Specially for Mac lovers and experienced Mac app developers, there are multiple options created, where they can share their content impressively:

Here is the list of some finest Mac apps for Bloggers shared by Mac Application Developers:

1. Flock: Bloggers having intense love with Mac machines can use Flock App for their content publishing and business communication. Flock is a browser as well. It is made with the help of Mozilla association. With the minimum span of time, you can enlarge your network, share images and stunning web pages. The best thing in using Flock is that it is loaded with tons of grandeur features and drives efficiency and increase speed of execution.

2. MarsEdit: One of the most demanding and exceptional publishing utilities for Mac OS X users, MarsEdit, now available in 2.2.2 version, is not a free package. Its cost is around $30 after a 30 days of trial period. The outstanding Mac app 'MarsEdit' is well equipped with exclusive features and efficaciously helpful for Bloggers. It is well connected with Flickr, and integrated with more hardcore Mac-specific text editors like BBEdit and TextMate.

3. Ecto: Ecto is another multi-service editor. It puts noticeable emphasis on getting you from A to Z as fast as possible. It certainly holds some competitive and user friendly features and that's why the reason it is one of the favorite choice among bloggers having Mac PCs.

4. Blogo: It is launched by Brainjuice. As shared the extensive details of other editors above, Blogo allows you to quickly publish media, and also publish Twitter messages in association with your blog feed - call it streamlined PR, if you want. It also offers the finest options for bloggers to produce content distraction-free with an on-board full screen mode.

5. iWeb plus MobileMe: You can opt something independently-made like a Blog.Mac, but if you are more likely something exceptional and extraordinary from the infinite top, Apple offers its own website and web page editor in the form of iWeb. It’s a very planned and controlled setup, and integrated into all Mac PCs sold today, and to make use of it in ways that takes benefit of the “Apple experience,” you’ need to invest some dollars each year for MobileMe hosting.


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Author: Geeta

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