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Top 5 Points to Remember before you Begin on a Custom Software Development in India

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Top 5 Points to Remember before you Begin on a Custom Software Development in India

As the outsourcing industry is growing bigger with the passing time, it has now become all the more important to become serious about it. The article talks about the top 5 major points that you need to remember before hiring an outsoucing firm from India for your software requirement. The points are specifically to be remembered if you are planning to go for custom software development.

By Jitendra

In the year 2011 NASSCOM released a note of statement saying that IT industry for India comprises of 5.9% of nation’s total GDP. The CAGR has been recorded a hike of 22.7% in the period of 2009 to 2011. In the year of 2009 the whole world had hit real low in the IT sector revenue generation, but India with its outsourcing services held the nerve and gained the standard margin profit. Reaching 2015, India’s off-shoring industry is set to generate a business of $ 120 to 180 billion.

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An Overview of the Indian IT Industry: Visiting the visited

If according to Mr Som Mittal, the former president of NASSCOM the Indian IT industry touched the mark of $50 billion export during 2011, a 12% growth has been recorded in the domestic market itself during that year.  It’s been a northward journey since then. By 2015 India’s off-shoring industry is expected to generate business of $ 120 to 180 billion. 1 million direct employees are associated with this humongous industry and 2.5 million more are indirectly linked. It has been seen that 59% of the IT and ITES industry is dominated by engineering services, R&D and Products. This much is enough for finalizing the decision of going ahead with software development India Company for your net project.

Indian flavor is very much present in the IT industry too. The 65% revenue generation comes from exporting codes offshore. This shows the very popularity of Indian software developers in offshore nations. 80% of the total software’s exported comprise of custom software development. Not always the call is for service hiring sometimes the development and consultancy is also there in the list of offshore clients. With this data driven characteristics of Indian IT sector one must know about several points if he is keen in hiring software developers in India.

Don’t start custom software development in project without reading these points

To get the best possible result out of your hiring experience one must take care of certain basic points. It would be wise to check the validation of all these below point while thinking about India as your development point.

Competitive market benefit: India is a nation with galore of options available while considering for hiring customer software developing firm. When you ask for quotes to several companies make sure to knock at least 20, this will show you the budget variation for the same job. Go with the most qualified only, but do make sure to save on your budget too.

Trained resources: Offshore software development companies in India has strong resource backup due to an education system which delivers more than 10 lakh engineers per year. You are certain about getting qualified professional with all the technical training meant for software development.

No buggy codes: Like many other ASEAN nations India is not the place for poor quality coding, here you are supposed to get a team extensively knowledgeable about the project cycle and agile approach. They have separate QA team which ensures bug free software delivery.

Pocket-friendly: The price always falls in the comfort range and due to high number of firms offering the similar service line-up quotations vary quite much.

Pay for maintenance and support from beginning: There are few companies which keep you unaware about the maintenance part after delivery of software. You must make sure of enlisting the support part in the initial contract itself. This makes you stay away from any last minute budget debacle or hidden cost bite. Indian companies will straightaway tell you about the both cases and suggest you to go for support hiring.


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