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Top 5 Trends in Software Development Hiring

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Top 5 Trends in Software Development Hiring

Technology is changing drastically with the passing days and create multiple job opportunities for the IT professionals. Big Data, Cloud computing and collaborative software development services are in great demand, especially for enterprise level businesses.

By Geeta

Technology has not only changed the way we communicate, but also created multiple job opportunities in technical domain. Five years ago, software professionals might have been comfortable with core concept of Java and C++. But today, number of complex programming languages are available such as Python, Ruby & Swift; which you can learn and make the passion of your life.

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If you are looking for a career in the technical field, then you must make your resume more competitive to make sure you are top of the list for new job opportunities. After a deep observation of the scenario, here is the list of top trending Custom Software Development Services:

1. Mobile: Presently, mobile plays an important role in our daily life. With the increasing demand of the Smartphone, Google has changed its algorithm and more focused on a mobile oriented  site. With all this focus on mobile, the demand for iOS, Android and Windows app developers has grown instantly. And it’s not just valuable for consumer based companies, a strong presence on mobile is essential for any company having a website.

2. Big Data: Data is precious. All the companies are accumulating huge amounts of data, but many of them are unable to organize it adequately. There is an increasing need for multiple positions such as data analysts, computer systems analysts and data scientists. For creating new jobs, data management is becoming a necessary skill for those working in IT domain.

3. Cloud Computing: It is a type of computing, based on sharing computing resources. Some form of cloud storage is iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox. Cloud storage is highly helpful at the enterprise level. With the increasing adoption of cloud storage, the need of data analysts and security professionals is also increasing.

4. UI Developers: Development of user oriented and eye catching front-end is imperative, and companies want to hire engineers who are able to develop intuitive and consumer focused mobile & Web applications.

5. DevOps: Companies are showing their best efforts in bridging the gap between developers and operations to cater top of the line services to their clients. The main objective of DevOps software is developing an environment where creating, testing, and releasing of software is frequent, and more reliable. With such fast and widespread adoption, DevOps professionals are in demand, especially having good knowledge in the cloud computing.


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Author: Geeta

Geeta is a digital marketing professional with a wealth of experience in Web Development, Designing, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Software and Digital Marketing Technologies. She shares her expertise freely and is always pleasant to be around online. Her deep insight on every aspect of the brand as well as project management, has enabled her to carve a niche for herself within the industry. Her thoughts & actions with powerful analysis have brought significant improvements in the marketing strategy & processes.