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Top 7 Call to action plugins for Effective WordPress Website

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Top 7 Call to action plugins for Effective WordPress Website

The calls to action plugin offers site owners, the ability to investigate and track conversion rates, or multivariate split tests on calls to action. It is an ideal approach to convert more of your website visitors into active leads.

By Vikas

If you are an owner of a WordPress based website or you have a blog on WordPress, a call-to-action plugin can assist you grab the attention of your website visitors and help them to take action. You can use call-to-action components to create your email list and turn more visitors into regular customers.


Here is a list of seven important call to-take-action plugins that utilized by Custom WordPress designer in India:

Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin: This is an email opt-in plugin for WordPress. The main focus of this specific plugin is excluding particular posts and pages, and show unique forms with specific offers in view of visitors location and connection. Access more than hundred customizable layouts. Employ  pop-ups, fly-ins, inline forms, widget area forms, below content forms,  and forms to open content.

Exit Intent: Exit Intent gives a straightforward approach to turn more visitors into potential buyers and  fabricate your email subscription list. Messages appear with a special offer at the moment a visitor is almost to leave your site offer a second chance to convince your visitors.

Foobar: Foobar plugin is utilized for integrating customizable notification bars to your website or blog. Show distinctive notifications on diverse pages and characterize a default bar that will show on all your pages. Foobar supports custom HTML or shortcode and RSS feed integration, social network integration, and many more.
Opt-In Content Locker: This plugin allows you to lock or hide specific content on your WordPress site and shows it only to authentic subscribers. To view content, users must fill their name and active  email ID in the online registration form and then submit it. After submission locked content would be visible for registered users.

Hello Bar: This is a straightforward and subtle web toolbar that placed across the upper part of a site. It permits you to grab your user's consideration and direct them to a call to take action.

Scroll Triggered Boxes: With the help of the Scroll Triggered Boxes plugin, boxes can slide or fade in anytime, containing various sorts of content you like. Alter the box appearance, animation as well as  position.

Easy Social Share Buttons: This plugin supports you to share on more than 35 noteworthy social networks. It incorporates 18 dynamic display buttons, 7 shortcodes, 22 layouts, and 12 native like, follow, and subscribe buttons. The Easy Social Share buttons plugin launched with 8 premium modules, including after share actions and social share analytics.


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